Lokhitwadi – The Social Reformer of Maharashtra

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Introduction Of Lokhitwadi

Lokhitwadi is another name or short name of a very famous activist, Gopal Hari Deshmukh. Maharashtra activist, thinker, social reformer and writer, Gopal Hari Deshmuh was a very great activist, thinker, social reformer and writer.

In 1823, Gopal Hari Deshmuh was born into the Chitpavan family, one of the many podcasts of Maharashtra Brahmins. General Bajirao II, who was Bapu Gokhale’s treasurer during the Third Anglo-Marathi War, could have been his father. Deshmukh study while studying at Poona English High School

The British government at that time Raj hired Deshmuh as a translator when he started his career. He accepted government office during his tenure as a minor judge in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. During her career as a divan, she also served at Ratlam.

While he was still working for the government, the government had given him the Peace Justice and Raohadur Honors. After serving as a court judge for three decades, he retired. Apart from that and many other positions, he has also served as Assistant Commissioner Inam, Joint Judge of the Nasik High Court and member of the Law Council.


Social work in Maharashtra

At the age of 25, Deshmuh began writing under the pseudonym Hativada under the aphorisms consisting of his name for the weekly newspaper Prabhakar. By 2000, in the first two years of his tenure, he had written 108 articles on social reform. These articles are known as Lokhitawadinchi Shatapatre in Marathi literatur literature

He promoted the emancipation (liberation) and education of women and warned against matchmaking, dowry and polygamy, all of which were widespread in his day.

He wrote against the caste system prevailing in India during his lifetime, condemning the dangerous orthodoxy of Hinduism and attacking the power that Brahmin priests had in religious matters through old traditions (Deshmuh himself belongs to the Brahmin caste). The Hindu reformer laid out 15 principles for introducing religious reform in Hindu society.


A public library was founded in Pune by Deshmuh under the direction of Henry Brown, then governor of Bombay. He also donated books to the Bombay University Library (1875) which was founded by people from the British Empire. The Deshmukh collection is at J.N. Mumbai University Library, Vidyanagar, Mumbai 200498, listed as Deshmukh Collection.

In recognition of his contribution to the library, his 5th generation, Mr. Ajit donated his life-size portrait to the University of Mumbai in 1992 (with the amount to be used to buy new books from the museum each year). / Deshmuh’s translator Joti (Deshmuh) Kunte presented these works to students who were researching his work to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his death.

He was instrumental in founding Gyan Prakash, Indu Prakash and Lokhitwadi magazines in Maharashtra.

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