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Introduction Of M.malaysiakini

M.malaysiakini is the online news portal published in Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil, Malaysiakini has received over a million pages views per day on the desktop also. And on mobile also on the behalf of the Alex ranked high throw Malyaysiakini 13th famous website in Malaysia in 2015.

Malaysiakini is related to a news website in this website their is lot’s of the portal available like jobs, political, entertainment, business-related so everyone can search this website on google and find out the all news related all over industry and this website can use it iPad and Android app also so it’s easily login it in the mobile and watch it any industry related news anywhere and anytime in few minutes and update the your self with upgrade news.

And found it any news related to jobs also because in this website focus on every industry and here people’s can see the job opportunity option also available also. School

Malaysiakini is based on the traditional broadcast media and media and this website takecare from government and now it’s lunch mini group of the malaysiakini including the business portal also. Like Kinibiz.com online video site is Kini Tv.com for election information used this Undi.info and interesting site’s also available there.


Here is some list of informative website

Strategic Analysis Malaysia ( SAM) :

SAM is political intelligence Subscribcrition which launched in 2001. This aim is cover-up the highly political intelligence news and this publication are involved in this news very well to help the collect the all information regarding the political intelligence. But this publication is failed due to lack of subscribers so that’s why this publication is closed on 2002.

New Media School :

This is based on the Malaysia training business and the NMS cover up daily bases training media related and here is included social media, seo, Ecommerce also .

Mobilekini :

Mobilekini is brand name if the Malaysiakini this is can run throw mobile like iPad and Android app also. Mobilekini, s official website also available so people’s can search it and find the news what ever they want to check out.


Malaysiakini had previously published the compilation articles which is related to Malaysia. Now they published the cartoon article the  brand Kinibooks.

Earth247. Tv

Earth247 was launched in 2006 as the portal available for videos content related to by social media network and here is all content available and mention the video content mention there.


Undi.info was related to Malaysiakini based on the election database it would be contained the information on the 2004 and 2008 election and watch the all election news also

On this website people’s can check the job, internship, products, promotion, domain also and follow that news which they want and check out the all information related to particular domain.

On February 2021 Malaysiakini was guilty for the contempt by federal court Malaysia over were comments which the mention on the website and attorney grand claimed under the public confidence on the judiciary.

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