Mikayla Nogueira TikTok: Why Mikayla Nogueira’s ‘Sticky Method’ Went Viral

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Mikayla Nogueira TikTok
Mikayla Nogueira TikTok

Have you also heard about the American social media star, Mikayla Nogueira? Want to know some more interesting facts about Mikayla Nogueira TikTok? Yes? You visited the right place. Here, I’ll mention a lot of details about this famous social media star. Let’s begin.

Personal life 

She was born on June 13th, 1998 in Massachusetts. Her parents are Patrice, an artist, and Michael Nogueira, an elementary school counsellor. Her brother is three years older than her—Nathan Nogueira, a professional hypocrite. Mikayla was raised in east Freetown. She is engaged to Cody, and now, they are planning to tie the knot. 


She attended Apponequet Regional High School in 2016. In high school, she became a member of DECA, where she participated in various competitions like business things, beauty industry, etc. 

Then, she took admission to Bryant University to graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in communication. Her bachelor’s will be completed in 2020. During this time, she was an intern at a radio station and then she dropped out, which helped her to pursue her career regarding make-up. 


She dropped out of school, which helped her pursue her career in the beauty industry. She told her fans that her love for make-up began when she bought Avon Products at the age of ten. Then she started doing simple make-up and became proficient with time. 

In 2013, she started uploading beauty and make-up content on Tumblr. She was quite successful on this platform, but if we compare her Tumblr success to TikTok’s, it is relatively low. 

Nogueira also started a youtube channel for uploading her make-up tutorials. However, her old channel on youtube has been taken down ( I don’t know the reason). But unfortunately, for some next years, she didn’t post much because she was focusing more on her studies. 

Mikayla Nogueira Tiktok journey

During the Covid pandemic, she used the TikTok platform but not for her. She used it as a suggestion to her mother so that she could continue teaching her students. Then she made a TikTok page in her mother’s name to help the users know about the intricacies of TikTok. The initial videos on this platform were educational. 

After this, she uploaded a viral video, “The Catfish Challenge.” Thousands of people watched this video within a few hours of it being posted. Her TikTok account grew to 2.8 million followers in just eight months, and currently, she has 12 million followers there. She majorly posts content regarding beauty routines, promotions, make-up videos, and other related things. People consider her an honest influencer when it comes to her views on various products. Many famous celebrities also follow her on TikTok. 

Many publications have written articles about her after her videos, and in December 2020, she even won the American Influencer Award for Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year 2020. In late 2020, she became a beauty advisor at Ulta Beauty, where she started working full-time for her own brand – Mikayla J Makeup. 

Net Worth of the famous tiktok start – Mikayla Nogueira

She owns $2 million. The primary source of her income is the TikTok page, where she posts videos. 

Why is Mikayla Nogueira criticised?

She is mainly criticised for her Boston accent. Although there are many other reasons why people are mad at this social media influencer, like on her working schedule complaints, etc. 

Mikayla’s physical details

Mikayla’s height is five feet and five inches. Her weight is around 75 kg. Her hair and eye colour are brown. 

More things about Mikayla Nogueira tiktok

  • She has struggled with an eating disorder.
  • She has encountered various body image issues. 
  • She told her fans that she was bullied in school. 
  • She has around 13 million followers on TikTok and approximately 2.1 million on her make-up page on Instagram.
  • On her personal Instagram account, Mikayla has 390k followers
  • She believes in Christianity and is an American by nationality. 
  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini. 


These are all the details regarding the social media star and beauty artist – Mikayla. I’ve also shared Mikayla Nogueira TikTok history; I hope you liked the information. You can also follow her on TikTok – @mikaylanogueira and on Instagram at – @mikaylajmakeup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Mikayla Nogueira?

Just 24 years old. 

Are Mikayla and Cody still together?

Yes, they are even planning to tie the knot. 

What eating disorder does Mikayla have?

She has suffered from bulimia. 

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