Milli Piyango Sorgulama 2021 – Get Ticket And Win Prizes

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Everyone might have heard about the lottery and the way it is played. Every country has its own rules and games that can help players to make money. One such Turkish lottery organization is “Milli Piyango Sorgulama 2021” where people can buy tickets and wait for the draw to win money.

There are different games like lotto, chance ball, Milli Piyango, and many others. So, in a new year, 2021, one who already purchased a ticket can go for “Milli Piyango Sorgulama 2021” and check their luck.

Milli Piyango is pre-printed tickets that consist of sequential number which is formed with numbers 0 to 9. The ticket number and the type of ticket will decide whether one has earned a bonus or not.

But this lottery game is entirely on luck, and no one can help it out. The technical infrastructure and the rules followed by this Lottery administration make it legal in Turkey to play the lottery.

Milli Piyango Sorgulama 2021

How to get Milli Piyango Sorgulama 2021 ticket?

If you are the one who wishes to try luck in the lottery, there are different ways through which you can buy the ticket.

Many sales dealers are selling the ticket to players. But if you wish to get legit access without any hassle, go to Also, one can buy the Milli Piyango app ticket and check out whether they are lucky or not.

Players who are going to the official website to buy the ticket can also have an option to generate on their own. It needs them to enter the number from 0 to 9, and it has to fill the six places. 

How are winners decided in Milli Piyango?

Milli Piyango results are declared every month on the 9th, 19th, and also on 29th. So, one who has purchased the ticket is required to check results on this particular day.

It has many other draws like New Year and many others that also help players to win big. To win the bonus, the sequential number must print on the ticket matches with the winning number. The jackpot amount is decided based on the ticket you possess.

The Milli Piyango has jackpots and other bonuses that are decided based on the winning number matching with your ticket and ticket category. These rules are as follows:

  • Full Jackpot: If the number printed on the ticket exactly matches the winning number, one would be eligible for the jackpot. The full ticket would have the entire jackpot; the half ticket will have half of the prize, while the quarterly holder would have a quarter amount of the jackpot.
  • Consolation Number: If the player’s ticket is just one number different from the winning number, the player is eligible for consolation. Don’t worry, as the player can get at least some bonus for purchasing a ticket.
  • American Number: In this case, two amortization figures are being drawn. Any of the numbers is equal to the last two digits of the ticket, and you are eligible for the Amorian prize. These amortized tickets will help to earn the price of the ticket. 

Which are the different types of tickets in Milli Piyango?

There are three types of tickets, Full, half, and quarter. The winning bonus s decided based on the ticket, which is as follows:

  • Full ticket: If one has the full ticket and the sequential number matches the winning number, they can get the entire jackpot.
  • Half Ticket: If the players have a half ticket and the pre-printed number of ticket matches the winning number, they are eligible to get half of the jackpot. The half ticket price is also less as compared to the full ticket.
  • Quarter Ticket: If one has the quarter ticket where the winning number and the printed number match, the winner gets one-fourth of the jackpot.


Who can play Milli Piyango?

According to Turkish law, one should be 18 years or above to play the game. Even if one buys the ticket and win it, they won’t get the bonus if their age is below 18. Many rules are set by the administration, which is to be followed to win a reward.

How to check the result of Milli Piyango?

There are two options to check the result of Milli Piyango. One can check through serial number while the other is through Ticket number on the official site of Milli Piyango.

So, if you too want to try your luck play Milli Piyango and get tickets. There are different winning options and ticket categories that would help to win jackpots and other bonuses. Visit the official site and check out rules and additional information.

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