Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test

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Childhood is a crucial stage when our learning starts; any kind of childhood trauma can greatly affect us. Most of the time, individual’s don’t even know they are suffering from childhood trauma.

To help those individuals’ Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test has come up with a childhood trauma test that you can attempt to find how severely trauma is affecting you.

Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test

If your child is struggling and have symptoms like aggressive behaviour, crying, etc, don’t ignore their behaviour. Visit any mental health specialist because your child might be suffering from childhood trauma. 

We all know that childhood trauma is difficult to come out of and is dangerous for a child at an early stage. During the whole life, it affects an individual a lot. 

Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test
Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test

Want to know whether you are suffering or not?

Attempt Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test. You can attempt this in various languages, including English, Espanol, etc. 

Common signs of childhood trauma-

  • Relieving the event
  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Avoidance
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Trust issues
  • Risky behavior etc.

Many TikTok users are taking this test and posting their results with #childhoodtrauma. They are getting millions of views of their trauma results post. 

Curious to know who has modeled this amazing test

The human emotion test has modeled this trauma test. They have included twenty questions in the test and ensure that their solutions will help you feel better.

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How can you complete this Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test?

Want to take the test but don’t know how you can complete this? Don’t worry, just continue reading as here I’ll tell you about how you can complete it. 

When you visit any website to take the quiz, you will be provided four options – guilt, abandonment, mistrust, and others. You need to select one of these four. 

Once you have selected one option, you will ask further questions. 

One more thing you might want to know – whatever option you choose, the questions will remain the same. It will only affect your result. 

You will be asked about several things like your current mental state, stress condition, your goals, level of concentration, and many more. 

This test consists of twenty questions, and you should answer them honestly if you want to get the right results. Your results will be totally based on the answers that you have submitted. It will tell you the severity of the trauma – mild, high, medium, or lot. With this, they will also tell you the treatment strategy that you are asked to follow for 28 days. 

If you follow the treatment strategy for 28 days, they assure you of your mental wellbeing. 

Want to take the test and know about the requirements? 

There are no requirements for the childhood trauma test. If you have suffered from trauma, you can take the test. 


How can you participate in the mind.betterme.world childhood trauma test? 

Just follow the steps-
Visit the official website.
On the homepage, you can get the trauma test.
Complete the test.
In the end, you will get results such as mild, moderate, high, or low, depending on your trauma.
Along with treatment techniques, they will also give you a certificate of mental wellbeing. 

Are the results accurate?

According to the test creators, the results are accurate, and many users also have reported that their results are accurate. 

So if you still have any doubt about accuracy, you can try giving the test. 

How many questions are asked in the childhood trauma test?

You will be asked 20 questions and all of them are multiple-choice questions. 

In some questions, you can select more than one answer; in others, you have to select only one.

Which types of questions are asked in the childhood trauma test?

You will be asked about your feelings, stress, concentration level, sleeping, etc. 


Mind.betterme.world Childhood Trauma Test is for the people who have suffered from childhood trauma. You can also try attempting the test because the test creators are ensuring users that their treatment techniques can help them feel better.

They won’t share your answers with anyone, so you can attempt it without worrying about your safety.

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