Mir4 NFT (Mir4 Mmorpg) For True Gamers!

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If you are a true gamer and looking for something unique, “MIR4” is on its way. It is one of eth role-playing games that has been in the news even before the release. Yes, the soft copy of the game was launched in Korea, and it gained a success rate.

What makes Mir4 NFT the talk on social media?

We all know that technology is changing, and we can see its impact on our daily life. The new game MIR4 is based on characters that are traded with the help of Non-Fungible Tokens. It is based on a new concept that is quite hard to believe, but developers have made it possible. Always language is a hindrance while playing games, and this is the reason that MIR4 supports multi-language.

The center of the game is a hub which is known as Dark steel. Players are fighting with other players to acquire the hub and control it by themselves. One more reason which gained focus is the compatibility of the game on a different platform. Players are free to change their appearance by trading through tokens in the game, which is quite different as it is normally through gems and points. The storyline and characters of the game have helped to gain good popularity even before the release.

Mir4 NFT
Mir4 NFT


  • MIR4 is a role-playing game where players experience different adventures and fight with others to gain control over the hub.
  • Mostly, these types of games deal with gems and points to upgrade the appearance, but MIR4 deals with NFT tokens to make it different.
  • The storyline of the game is interesting and keeps players engaged for hours.
  • MIR4 is platform compatible, which means it is played on Android, iOS, and even windows. The game would be available in their respective plays tore for users in the coming time.
  • Visual and graphics are always the center of attraction for battel games. MIR4 has made sure to reach that point and has developed new visuals to make it interesting.
  • Players will see their growth in the game, which encourages them to work hard to try something new.


  1. Why is MIR4 highly in demand?

MIR4 storyline and is full of mystery which has grabbed the attention of gamers. Players are free ot change their appearance by trading through tokens, making the game unique. So, for all adventurous gamers, it is one of the best games.

  1. When could gamers enroll for pre-registration?

After getting the huge success of soft copy, the game was launched for pre-registration. The game was open for players to enroll on 26th August, and on the same day, it ended because of immense registration.


In all, gamers are waiting for MIR4 and try something new in the gaming world. The game is recently not available for all as one who has pre-registered is only allowed. But looking at the reviews by Korean gamers and features, it is sure that the game would be on the top list. So, wait for trying a new role-playing game and acquire some new experience in gaming.

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