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https Ojogoviroudropzin Com br: In this Monday (22) the Garena revealed the new event Free Fire which will drop several Codiguins FF throughout Brazil , users can collect the codes of Free Fire through the campaign ” The game turned Dropzin “, this post will detail its mechanism, dates and among other information.

The event “ O Jogo Virou Dropzin ” with Codiguin Free Fire will start this Tuesday (23rd) at 10 am ( GMT ), the virtual plane that will distribute the Free Fire codes will pass throughout Brazil until the 3rd December.

Ojogoviroudropzin Com
Ojogoviroudropzin Com


See Garena’s official statement below :

Starting tomorrow (23)Free Fire will rain rewards for fans and players all over Brazil. By subscribing to an Augmented Reality (AR) web app, users will be able, by pointing the phone’s camera to the sky, to see their ‘ dropzins ‘ falling.

Just like in the game, the “ dropzins ” will be full of rewards. Upon receiving their drop, players will have access to codes to be redeemed, which will give access to itemsskins, and other prizes such as the Dinosaur Backpack, Gel Wall – ExploDino, Luqueta, Flip Flop, Diamond Ticket, among others.

Merging reality with virtual, Garena created an itinerary for the Free Fire plane. It will pass through all five regions of the country, starting tomorrow in Acre, Amazonas, and Rondônia. Throughout the week, until November 28 , the drops can be guaranteed by players from Amapá , Pará , Bahia , Sergipe , Santa Catarina , Paraná , Roraima , Mato Grosso do Sul , Rio Grande do Norte , Pernambuco ,Paraíba and Alagoas .

Next week, between November 29 and December 3 , the states will be Maranhão , Piauí , Ceará , São Paulo , Goiás , Mato Grosso , Distrito Federal , Tocantins , Minas Gerais , Espírito Santo , Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande of the South .


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