Pentagon Microchip Covid 19 – Pentagon Developers Made Virus Detecting Chip

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Pentagon Microchip Covid

Covid pandemic has again taken a strong wave, and it is very hard to deal with it. No doubt the vaccine has been released, but many people are unwilling to go for it due to fear and myths. So, Pentagon scientists have come up with a microchip that can detect covid. Today the rise of covid cases is because people are not aware whether they are positive or not, and thus the virus is transmitted to others.

This microchip is to be inserted in the skin and will detect whether the patient is Covid positive or not. These scientists came up with the chip and introduced the revolutionary filter that can remove the virus from the bloodstream through dialysis. Scientist and researchers have shown the demo working of the microchip and their positive effect.

How does the microchip work?

Pentagon came up with the tissue-like gel’s microchip in the patient’s blood and will let to know about the virus. The blood is tested continuously, and will this at any moment if there is the reaction the signal would indicate it.

The microchip is inserted into the skin so that it reaches the bloodstream. It will check whether any chemical reaction is going on in the body and has any symptoms of covid. If symptoms are unknown to patients, it would be known to the microchip and indicate to the patient itself. Thus, one can get alert by themselves, and at the same time, blood can be drawn for further checking.

Pentagon Microchip Covid
Pentagon Microchip Covid

Patients can test themselves on the site and would know whether they are positive or not. The scientist or the health administrator working with the microchip would also get the information within five minutes, and thus treatment can be started immediately. It will help for a quick recovery and help to stop the spread of the virus. In all, the main aim of the pentagon microchip covid is to give instant reports whether the person is positive or not. 

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  1. What is the main aim of the pentagon microchip?

Pentagon has invented the microchip that goes inside the skin and helps to give a signal whether the patient is covid positive or not. This information is very helpful as it will help to transmit the virus further.

  1. What does the filter do?

The filter removes the virus from the blood and, after removing it, is out in the body. The whole process is conducted with a dialysis machine, and this filter is approved by the FDA. There are nearly 300 patients who were critical and have been recovered by this filter.


The working of the microchip was shown on the show by a retired colonel named Matt Hepburn. The show was 60 minutes, and it shows how the chip’s working will help opt to get signal whether the patient is positive or not. The main aim is not to track movements but to stop the infection from passing to others. So, let’s wait when these microchips will be implemented in real.

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