Periksadata. Com (2022) Is This Website Legit Or Scam?

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Periksadata. Com is an Indonesian website; with the help of this website, you can easily check whether someone is utilizing your detail or not. It is an amazing website. After all, keeping the data safe online is very hard because many claims that personal information stored online is not secure.

But to protect people from scammers, the website helps a lot. The title of this website has been taken from the word checking. So, it is a very useful website for those dealing with data theft. Furthermore, it is a non-profit association that delivers voluntary programs from which the user can help others.

More information regarding Periksadata. Com BPJS-

Many people worldwide face the data theft problem, especially Indonesia, which faces these issues due to low data protection. The specialists feel Indonesia’s fragile protection is also apparent by the alleged infringement of BPJs data. It is also believed that the scammer theft the data and sold personal information from 200 million people. So to protect the people against it, Periskadata .com was created to protect the people who were tolerating it.

Periksadata. Com
Periksadata. Com website has updated its privacy clans to comprise the accumulation of names, BPJs, collection of names, Nik, etc. Apart from this information, this website also gathers contact numbers, residence addresses, and email addresses. All Indonesian citizens can lay for BPJs if they have existed in Indonesia for approximately six months.

Name of the WebsitePeriksadata. Com
Available ForPC & Mobile
Article ForPeriksadata. Com (2022) Is This Website Legit Or Scam?

privacy policy of Periksadata Com

When using the website, the user must agree to the following terms and conditions that indicate that the user is found to follow their privacy policy. And the owner of the website has the option to change or update the rules and regulations as they deem fit-

Periksadata Com website has asked you to mention some personal details that the user has to give because the motive behind asking for personal information is to check the data leakage. And to create a lawsuit, they will also need the users’ personal information. And all this information the user provides will be stored safely by considering the security factor.

Collecting data is very simple because it helps them communicate easily with the users. The user’s information will not be shared, circulated, revealed, or traded anywhere.

the legality of Periksadata. Com

Many other websites are available that say they have the potential to solve the problem, but it is not true. But has the potential to provide the service it argues or if it is just another fake website. Moreover, the domain of this website has completed his there 2 years. And the trust index mentions 60%, which is quite decent to describe the legitimacy of this website.

Review on

As per the review collected by the users, it is clear that the people seem very satisfied after using this website. And also, the trust score declares the legality of this website. And many people said that they feel very relaxful because this website protects them from scams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did the domain of periksadata .com was created?

Ans. The domain of was created on 25 September 2020, and now, it has been completed its approx 2 years.

2. What is the motive behind creating periksadata .com?

Ans. The motive behind constructing this website is to keep you safe from thieving your private data.

3. Is providing personal information on this website safe?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to provide their personal information on this website because, for 2 years, they successfully did their work and did not share or transfer their details to anyone.

4. Which country has introduced the website?

Ans. was introduced in Indonesia.


Periksadata .com is an amazing website because it protects people from stealing their personal information in Indonesia; that type of offense has rapidly increased, so to safeguard it, they created this website. And it is safe to utilize the feature of this website because the review and ratings declare that it is completely secure to use.

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