Posterdle (2022) Everything About The Word Game!

Games are one of the best ways of entertainment, and so many games have a massive fan following. People of all ages like puzzle games, and so one game that is always on the hit list is “Posterdle“.

Yes, it is one of the best puzzle games which has even got many variations to entertain the players. Guessing a 5-letter hidden word is always fun as it sharpens our brain and improves our vocabulary. So, if you, too, are a fan of a puzzle game, Wordle is a must on your list.

What is Posterdle?

Posterdle is a puzzle game where players need to find the hidden word. The game looks easy, but it is quite hard to guess the word in limited attempts.

There are only 6 attempts to get the correct word, but colours make it easy to guess the hidden word. Every day 1 puzzle is uploaded, and people worldwide are solving the same. 


The game helps to get off from the routine task and relaxes you. It is one of the most liked games that are easy to play for the one who can understand techniques and skills. So, if you are also looking for some game to have fun with, Wordle is a good-to-go option.

What grid colour indicates in Posterdle?

The game helps the players give a hint through colours that make it easy to guess the right word. Each colour gives a hint that would make it easy to guess the right word. So, let’s have a look at colour specifications in Posterdle:

  • Green: The grid becomes green if the letter is correct and in the right position. It means you are on the right track.
  • Grey: The colour indicates that the word does not have this particular letter, so think of the word that does not have it. It makes it easy to remove the letter and accordingly think of the word.
  • Yellow: the letter is correct, but the position is wrong. So, think of the word with the letter but at some different position.

These all-colour hints make it easy for players to guess the right word, and practice will help them get hands-on with the game.


Can you share the results?

Yes, there is an option where players can share their results on social media and get praised. One must be able to crack the word for sharing it and so think out of the box to get the correct word.

Is there any trick to crack the word?

Start with the word with at least 3 vowels, so it will give you an idea of the colours of the grid. The first attempts are of utmost importance as they will remove some letters while showing you what the word contains.


Posterdle is a game that helps sharpen your brain and help you get off from work. It is a web-based game compatible with smartphones, tablets and even PCs. So, play on your preferred device and try hard to get the correct word in minimum attempts.

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