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Project Playtime Game
Project Playtime Game

If you love horror games and mostly play with your finds, try out “project playtime game.” People have been waiting so long to get it released, and the wait was finally over when the Beta version got released on 12th December.

The graphics, characters, and gameplay are interesting and maintain the excitement level. This horror multiplayer game is available on PC and is currently in early access beta.

The reviews and feedback will help developers add new features and solve issues in the official release.

So, if you are looking for any such multiplayer game that keeps you entertained and fun, try out project playtime game.

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What is the gameplay of project playtime?

The whole gameplay of project playtime is unique and interesting. It is a multiplayer horror game that allows 7 people to play. It is all about creating toys in the factory while the 7th player will control the monster and become a hindrance.

Players will be working as Resource extraction specialists as they will need to find scattered parts of the toy to make it one. At the same time, the monster will be working to stop the toy’s creation and try to kill the players.

Finding all the parts is difficult as some puzzles and treasures must be resolved to get the required parts. Players in the same lobby need to work together to fight against the monster and find the toy.

Monster has unique abilities that would help defeat players at any cost, making the game interesting. The game is in the Early Access Beta version, as developers are still working on and resolving the bug.

But as the game proceeds, new upgrades will be released for players and monsters. The game also has Toy tickets which work as currency and is used to buy some tools or upgrade the skin.

When was the game declared?

It was on 31st October 2022 when an image of the game was released, and in no time, it became viral.

Players were eagerly waiting for some more information on the same, and it was on 24th November when a teaser regarding gameplay, monster and other glimpse was released.

The video was very impressive, and people who love horror games are eagerly waiting for the release.

The game was trending on Twitter, and something or the other was posted every day starting from the 28th of November.

People were also counting the days to get access to the game. The beta version was expected to release on 6th December, so the post on 5th December said “Tomorrow,” which again got trending.

But on the 6th, a back-end server issue delayed the release date. People were eagerly waiting for some news, but for the time being, nothing was released. The company tweeted that some other issues must be resolved, and finally, the Beta version was released on “12th December 2022“.

Which are the different options in the game?

The game has various tools, powers, and options for players and monsters. So, let’s check more on the same to get basic ideas:

  • The Grabpack is a powerful tool for players and helps them create toys easily while fighting against monsters. The power gives 2 extendable arms that increase their capabilities in the game.
  • There are 3 different monsters in the game, and all have their abilities. So, players controlling the monster can pick the one that fits the lobby and stop players from making the toy.
  • Toy Tickets are useful to buy new abilities and even destroy the ability earned by a player or monster. These tickets are earned only by playing the game, as there is no other way to get them.
  • Players or monsters looking to get more power are free to use Toy Tickets to buy them from the store. It not only makes them powerful but also makes survival easy.
  • Everyone has their own choice, so with Toy Tickets’ help, players are free to buy different skin. So, customize the character to look unique in the game.


Who are the developers of the project playtime game?

The game is rolling on Twitter, and people are eagerly waiting to try its official release. MOB Entertainment developed the game and is working hard to keep players entertained.

Which are the different monsters in the game?

In the Beta version, there are 3 monsters, and developers are working on adding some new ones in the updated version. The monsters in the game are Mommy Long Legs, Boxy Boo, and Huggy Wuggy.

What is the use of in-game currency?

The Toy Tickets are currency in the game that is useful for both players and monsters. It helps to buy new abilities along with the option to get new skin to make yourself look different.

When is the official version about to release?

It is expected that the official release will be in the first half of 2023. Developers are trying to resolve all back-end issues and other bugs while adding new exciting features.

Is the game available on cross-platform?

The game is currently available only on PC and not on mobiles. But in the future there is the possibility to have a mobile version.


The project playtime game is a full entertainment game played on PC. If you are also looking for something new and interesting, try out the Beta version of the game.

It is free, and everyone can play it with their friends for quality time.

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