Python Training (2022) Everything You Need To Know!

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Python has been widely in use for the past few years. The use of Python finds its place in processing of text, images, numbers, or scientific data. It is used in popular applications to build development environments and gaining hands-on practical experience in Python will prove an asset, particularly if you’re planning to build your future career in Python programming.

Considering the rise in importance of Python Training, Zeolearn Academy brings you the latest training course for Python Certification on its immersive learning platform. The Python Training course is planned in an organized manner to help you first get familiar with the basics of writing Python scripts and running the same to more advanced features.

Some of the advanced features concerning Python scripts are to get acquainted with file operations, using extensive functionality of several Python modules, working with binary data and regular expressions.

The Python Certification Training course is a blend of the best of two worlds i.e., theoretical and practical aspects both covered, that are imparted as knowledge through instructor led interactive training sessions. With theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, you are given the right exposure to work with examples taken from real-world scenarios.

Python Training
Python Training
  1. Key Features of Python Training

Python Certification Training is a comprehensively designed one-day course which will provide you with immersive learning experience in Python architecture, basics of script writing, design philosophy, and applications and packages. Let us see some of the overview of Python Training course below:

  1. Master the unit testing of Python applications
  2. Discover fundamentals of Python like variables, object-oriented programming, and control flow structures
  3. Learn the usage of extensive support libraries and object-oriented design of Python to build and deliver Python packages
  4. Master how to unit test Python apps and explore the strong integration of Python and its text processing capabilities.

These are some of the key features of the Python Certification Course. Training will be provided by the industry experts themselves who have extensive years of experience in training learners in Python and help them implement the learned knowledge and skill in their future projects.

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  1. Significance of Python and Python Certification

There has been steadily increase in popularity of Python among software developers. The reason behind its gaining widespread popularity is because Python has the major potential to get easily integrated with other technologies that is rarely seen in others. Moreover, Python offers stability and higher programming productivity particularly in large projects that have volatile requirements. 

The present Python Training workshop on Zeolearn aims to allow the learners to fully utilize the concepts of Python and learn to create and write simple yet robust code that is fully functional. By getting trained in Python, you get well equipped knowledge about the design philosophy of Python and its architecture.

Training will also be provided in how to write scripts, use applications and packages in real-life scenario. Thus, the course will be a unique blend of both theoretical and practical aspects so that you get the best of both worlds with hands-on experience. Python training will be offered in two modes i.e., online and e-learning training mode. So, you can choose either mode as per your convenience and suitability.

Upon the completion of the entire course, you will find yourself in a good position having requisite knowledge of Python as it is currently in demand across industries. Things you will learn from this course are listed as follows:

  1. Master Python programming concepts and learn to write your own scripts
  1. Grasp the knowledge in fundamentals of Python such as variables, control flow structures, and object-oriented programming
  1. Learn to write robust code using Python training and unit test the same
  1. Learn how to write a code that is defined and reusable.
  1. Learn how to make use of Modules and Dictionaries and deal with the errors and avoid failure of code.
  1. Learn how to work with files and databases
  1. In-depth knowledge of using object-oriented design of Python and its numerous support libraries so that you can easily create and deliver Python packages.
  1. Learn the unit testing of Python apps and explore how it is useful in making strong integration with other technologies and also discover its text processing capabilities.
  1. The most important part is to master how to harness or make use of the robust features of Python to allow interface with databases, document processing facilities, and web technologies.
  1. Final Remarks

Anyone interested in making a career in Python can take up the Python Certification Training course be it  a professional or a student. If you have an interest in pursuing software programming as a career, or web development, or app development, then this course should be your ideal choice.

Moreover, you need not meet any criteria as there is no prerequisite  to attend the Python Certification Training course. However, for a better understanding and a quicker grasp of advanced concepts, you should have at least intermediate knowledge of programming and object-oriented concepts.

Training sessions for the course will be held online and all you need to have is  a windows computer with good internet connectivity. You may also attend the classes directly from your phone or tablet. So, without any further ado, make a call now for your bright future and enroll in Python Certification course today itself. Happy learning!

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