Quodle (2022) Best Word Game For Unlimited Fun!

What Is Quodle?

Every 24 hours there is a new word of a day and a new five-letter word appears arguing players to try and guess the word in under 6 attempts. It may be possible that they get it on the first try. Perhaps, they don’t get it at all.

Three colors in this game indicate the word is correct or not these colors are grey, yellow, and green. There is an empty void in our brain waiting to be filled by the next day’s Quodle puzzle. In this world game, the option of hint is available which helps to find a word quickly and easily.

Who invented the Quodle game?

Quodle was created by Welsh-born Josh Wardle, a former employee at social news website Reddit. The software engineer first game of with the game in the year 2013. Josh revisited the game during the pandemic and after proving popular with family members he decided to take it public.

Though Josh invented this game he is no longer owns Quodle. A very famous company what the right to this game.


Types of Quodle games

There are various types of Quodle games are:

  1. word master– just like Quodle, you have sex to guess the five-letter word in word master. The letters on each guess change their color depending on the letters. In this game you can also play as many rounds as you want and also you can adjust the level of difficulty from easy to hard.
  2. Crosswordle– This takes Quodle and turns it into a crossword style puzzle. Crossword start with the final word at the bottom of a four-row word puzzle. In this game, each row above it contains a black square in different colors. If it is green the letter is the final word and the yellow tiles determine the letter is in the final word but a different place.
  3. Wheeldle– this game is similar to word master, in this game tackle as many word puzzles as they want. Players are encouraged to build up a streak to see how many puzzles they can solve in one row.
  4. Square word– in this game there are 15 guesses and you will need to solve 10 words square words run both across town so each letter you play correctly will appear in the multiple words. A square word becomes an enjoyable game because of daily challenges.

Some specialty of Quodle game: there is some specialty of Quodle game is:

There is only one puzzle per day- this creates a certain level of stakes. The user gets only one shot at the Quodle. And if you mess up, you have to wait until the next 24 hours to get a new Quodle.

Everyone is playing the same puzzle- this is a very crucial game so everyone is playing the same puzzle together.

It is easy to share your result- once you have successfully or unsuccessfully then the puzzle in a day, then you are invited to share your Quodle journey for the day.

Conclusion – there are different ways to play Quodle. Some people might attack a new riddle without any strategy and some might have to go with the first word that includes the most common letter.

This game is perfect for everyone children young and old age people also. Some player things that this game is very tough and some players feels that this game is very easy but every player enjoy this game a lot.

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