R/place Among Us (2022 April) Complete Information Of The Game!

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Let’s look around the world and talk about the current trendy things. Do you know about R/Place? Maybe of course, or you might have heard about it. As of now, it is very much trendy. Especially in places such as the United States, Canada, along with the United kingdom.

This trend is all about a famous thing which is going to launch again after 5 years. It’s all about a large canva platform. 

If you are excited to know about this R/place among us. Scroll the page down and get the complete details about this.

What is R/place Among Us?

If you scroll Reddit regularly then you might know about the trendy things around the globe. R/place among us even revealed that they are going to launch their canva. Well before going to explore the details, let’s get to know the Canva is a gaming platform that is getting speedy popularity among game lovers.

The R/place works like a platform of a giant canva which allows the users to paste their game information tile, player, the things like about the game, and can create an canva logo.

R place Among Us
R place Among Us


If we talk about its history, this platform was firstly launched in 2017 on April fool’s day, which means on the 1st of April. , Well it again relaunched on 1st April 2022.

If we talk about the features in it the users get the platform of a plain canvas building. All you need to connect with this application and to log in and get your username details.

After login you can use this platform in which you can place your tile and take the benefit of a 16 colour palette.

How does works?

For using it. Login to the Reddit website, and now canva to use it. You can easily access canva. And you can place your tile here. As soon as you are going to place it, you will get a time limit, in which you aren’t able to access any other activity and canva from your account.

From where the origin of this R/place come?

From the sources, we get the details about R/place in which the number of users who are using this platform is increasing day by day. It contains 16 million tiles on which approx 1 million or more people have placed their tiles on R/place.

If we go deep into the history of R/place the name of the Wordle creator will come, Josh Wardle, as earlier he is the designer of this R/place platform. But currently, he is busy with his Wordle platform.

If you are also waiting to use this platform, your wait is over as this is officially going to be public from midnight of 5th April 2022.

Final words

If you want to more connect with this R/platform go to the Reddit web and across it. You must gather some more amazing details about this R/Place. Go hurry up. Login to it and access R/place and place your colourful tile.

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