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Ravaged By The Gingerbread Man Pdf: So I put out a weekly feature called What the Actual Fuck Wednesday, where I read and review some of the weirdest romance and erotica people send me. Fannie Tucker has appeared multiple times, as her erotica involves everything from gnomes to dolls to shopping bags. Somewhere, this woman is literally laughing on the couch, notepad in hand, preparing a draft for her next book FOK THE ATM.

Ravaged By The Gingerbread Man Pdf
Ravaged By The Gingerbread Man Pdf

BY THE GINGERBREAD MAN QUIET can also be called “OSHA NEVER” or “DON’T ASK WHAT’S IN THE COATING“. It’s about a girl named Kara who stupidly makes too much dough at the bakery where she works with her friend. She hesitantly questioned, as if she hadn’t known that twenty pages later, it would be in her vagina.

She shapes the dough into a life-size gingerbread man with a monstrous cock, foolishly wishing he were alive. And before you can protest, his wish is terribly granted.

The gingerbread man only speaks in rhyme. He fucks her with a rolling pin to prepare her for his ginger, which is just a yeast infection waiting if you ask me. She comes out with a taste of cinnamon frosting and of course, after she finishes fucking, she makes the mistake of asking her for the recipe. In essence, the instructions are, “Hey, screw your food before you prepare it! Your customers are going to love it!

I’m pretty sure this gingerbread man is actually an undercover FDA agent running an undercover operation in unsanitary conditions, because of course Kara is like HAHA SMART.

Kara’s bakery is struggling to make ends meet, and with the holiday season in full swing, she works day and night to make enough cookies. After a recipe error leads her to make too much gingerbread dough, she decides to use it.

When a magical Christmas wish brings her life-size gingerbread man to life, she discovers she’s created the nastiest, baddest candy in the world, and he’s going to give her a taste of his creamy filling!

This ridiculous short story contains explicit sexual content, including a life-size gingerbread man with oversized, hot, freshly baked hard dough. Warning: improper use of a roller

About the Author

Fannie Tucker enjoys driving too fast, swearing too loudly, and writing stories that explore the sexual fantasies of strong women rendered powerless by lust-filled men and monsters. She seeks to bring her readers fresh and original stories that sometimes surprise, always excite and keep them guessing until the very end.

She first discovered her talent for ridiculous prose while passing lewd notes to her boyfriend during English 201. When her teacher confiscated one of the notes, he put it away after class and recommended an exciting new line of work. She never looked back.

Fannie is the author of over 180 works of horror, romance and adventure ranging from the kinky to the downright bizarre. Along with her spouse, she resides in California with a domineering dachshund.


The gingerbread man’s bowl tastes like cinnamon icing, the richest, creamiest icing I’ve ever tasted.

Kara puts her good horse in the teeth and puts business before pleasure.

I’ve never had a flavour like it. He made a crotch-pointing motion with the gingerbread man. “Can I get the prescription?” »

way of driving the afterglow, kara.

then he wakes up on the floor of his bakery, pants off, shoes off, “frost” in his hair, and Allison comes with an apology for their fight and praise for the beautiful gingerbread man (clothed, hairless) at the window and confused kara is very excited to tell her all about the new recipe she plans to “make“, even though the mister ginger recipe made her sound exhausted when we talk about Christmas fever, I’m afraid Kara doesn’t suck at math again .

On high heat, suffer through ten minutes of misery. Fuck, fuck, fuck until I’m stoned. Caress, caress, caress until I cum. The recipe makes a cup of delicious frosting.

one cup is an alarming amount of ejaculation and not ripe enough for bakery runs. but i want to give a lot of enthusiastic applause that he is going to give his clients monster lover cum and be the thing that finally saves the day, the health department.

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