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Do you know about “Rise of Moors“, an armed group that do not subject them to US Laws? This group got into focus on Saturday when Massachusetts found something annoying. They saw two cars parked on the Interstate 95 waiting to fill the fuel in their vehicle. The group of people were wearing military clothes and were heavily armed.

The police asked for license and registration of weapons they denied and said they do not consider US Laws. The whole scenario was unusual for police, but after 9 hours of the standoff, the entire group was taken under custody.

What is the Rise of the moors?

Rise of the Moors have a website according to which they are working as anti-government groups and are based in Pawtucket, R.I. This group focused in 2020 by Southern Property Law Centre. There are no details regarding the total number of members present in Rise of Moors, but this sovereign citizen group have a good social media presence.

Rise Of The Moors Wiki
Rise Of The Moors Wiki

Based on the information, there are more than 1000 Facebook followers and 5,000 Instagram followers. This group also has its own YouTube channel with more than a million videos, showing that the group is quite active on social media. But recently, they were noticed by the police at Interstate 95, after which they became the news of the town.

What shows that Rise of the moors does not follow US Laws?

There are several statements by the group members which shows that they do not follow U.S. laws everything living in the country. They consider themselves separate and does not pay taxes nor possess any driver license., The Rise of the moors is equipped with different weapons without any registration, which is against federal laws. 

The Rise of the moors follows the moorish sovereign ideology movement formed in the 1990s, and they are linked with Moorish Science Temple. The member of this group considers themselves Aboriginal of the land which is also why they don’t follow U.S. laws.

This group is working with the principal to make themselves self-sufficient. According to some of the members based on the 1787 treaty between Morocco and the United States, they have the right to make themselves immune from U.S. laws.

What makes Rise of the moors talk in town?

As said, a group of 100 members following the sovereign citizen group was found by the police. They belonged to Rise of the moors and were carrying heavy weapons without registration. There was a conversation that lasted 9 hours between the group and authority, and lastly, they were taken under custody.

This group was heading to private land and caught while waiting to fill the fuel in their vehicles. It believes that these groups of people moistly travel to rural areas or remote locations to conduct paramilitary training. This group of people surrendered without creating any incident even though it is said that police do not have right over sovereign citizens. So, let’s see what happens with them in future.

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