Roblox Lore Game Trello (2022) Wiki, Script, Codes, Map, Weapons!

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Are you looking for lore game Roblox wiki information? Unable to find it? Don’t worry because I know that information about the Roblox Lore Game Trello isn’t available. And that’s why I’m here to tell you everything about the lore game Roblox wiki. Read till the end and get to know about everything. 

You can enable music and voices in the game if you like to play with some music. 

Lore game Roblox weapons guide

Here’s how to get the new weapon nails in the lore game Roblox.

Note: You must have the cave unlocked first to get the nail weapon. So, first of all, unlock the cave and move further. 

  • Before entering the cave, you need to follow the steps-
  • Talk to the character and rejoin. 
  • You need to face some difficulties before getting the nail weapon. 
  • While going to the cave, you need to talk to characters and then rejoin it. You need to assure them that you are eligible to go there. 
  • After reaching there, pull the lever and leave the place. 
  • Now, enter the cave. There will be dark and confusing hallways, so enter accordingly. And prepare yourself to go there. However, you can increase the brightness there to see everything. 
  • Now, get the nail weapons from there after finding them. 
Roblox Lore Game Trello
Roblox Lore Game Trello

How can you get other lore game weapons?

This process is as simple as the getting-nails weapons process is.

  1. Unlock the cave first. 
  2. You need to fight obstacles in the hallway, which are devoid of light. So prepare yourself for getting inside the cave. 
  3. And then find the lore game Roblox weapons and get them. 

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Lore game Roblox discord

There are various lore game Roblox discord servers. You can join any of them and connect to the lore game community. Following are some of the discord servers that you can join-

Every group has their own rules and regulations, so you need to follow them to join the group. There are more game Roblox discord servers that you can join and interact with others. 

Lore game Roblox emotes

Lore game Roblox emotes help the players know how they feel and interact with other players. There are various animations available to show the emotions of the players. 

How can you use lore game Roblox emotes?

Following are the steps-

  • Open the Roblox app and choose the catalog. 
  • On the left side, players will be provided with a feature of “featured emotes” click on that.
  • Tap on the Get button to get the lore game Roblox emotes.
  • To get all the emotes, follow the steps. 
  • After downloading the emotes, move to the “avatar“. All the downloaded emotes will be displayed there.

That’s it. 

Note: There is still no information available about the lore game Roblox map and lore game Roblox names. Once I get the information, I’ll update it. 


I know there is not much information regarding the lore game Roblox wiki. But I’ve tried my best to inform you everything about it. I hope you have liked all the information. 

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