Roblox One Piece New Dreams Trello, Wiki & Discord Link 2023!

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Roblox One Piece New Dreams Trello takes players into a very interesting experience, where they can increase their abilities and progress in levels by engaging in various exciting activities.

The sport revolves around the development of four main qualities: Arm Strength, Leg Strength, Agility, and Vitality. Players can increase arm strength by using dumbbells, where higher weights require fewer clicks, and leg strength by using barbells, where higher weights need fewer clicks. Agility and Vitality are important attributes in the game, and these attributes can be strengthened by using red and blue chutes.

Roblox One Piece New Dreams Trello Wiki Discord
Roblox One Piece New Dreams Trello Wiki Discord

Player progression is divided into two main stages: levels 1-5/10 and levels 10-20. In the initial stage, players trade with bandit warriors, complete quests, and acquire unique styles and skills. Especially with players who have higher levels, capturing them can also yield significant XP.

At the level 10-20 stage, Bandits begin to return reduced XP. Players are encouraged to engage in battles and grapples, participate in crew battles, and explore the path to obtaining Haki. Two types of Haki, Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki, can be unlocked upon reaching level 15 by fighting and grappling.

Boss farming becomes a key strategy to secure progression and unlock Haki. Attacking the boss gives players Buso XP, while defending and rescuing the boss gives Ken XP. Taking the boss to a friend’s hospital gives him a whopping 300k lawsuit, which is divided among all the parties who caused harm. Additionally, battling bosses also contributes significantly to leveling up.

Beautiful Graphics

One Piece New Dream features brilliant 3D graphics that bring the world of The Grand Line to life. With vibrant colors and detailed environments, players can easily explore the world and get lost in its beauty. The drawing style is inspired by the original manga series, giving players a true One Piece experience.

Deep Story

One Piece New Dream offers a deeper story that follows Luffy on his journey through the Grand Line in search of his lost brother Ace. Along his journey, he meets new companions, encounters epic poets, and discovers hidden secrets about himself. The game also includes side stories that provide unique perspectives of characters from the One Piece universe.

Strategic Warfare System

One Piece New Dream features a strategic battle system that allows players to choose their battle style depending on their situation. Players can choose to focus on offense or defense in combat, depending on what is required in each battle. This allows for more flexibility in selecting strategies during each fight and gives players more control over how each row plays out.

Friendly Community

One Piece New Dream provides a friendly and welcoming community for new players. Players are encouraged to join groups or attend various events so they can make friends with other makeup fans. The game also has a Discord server full of helpful people who partner up to answer questions or give advice on how to play the game better.


1. How to get the link to ‘One Piece New Dream Trello’?

Answer: You can find the link to ‘One Piece New Dream Trello’ on this page.

2. Is ‘One Piece New Dream Trello’ the same as the game’s wiki?

Answer: No, ‘One Piece New Dream Trello’ is not the same as the game’s wiki, but it covers similar information.

3. What kind of information will be found on ‘One Piece New Dream Trello’?

Answer: On ‘One Piece New Dream Trello,’ you can find information about various aspects of the game, such as boss information, book locations, races, codes, maps/backgrounds, and skills.

4. Can I get in-game rewards from ‘One Piece New Dream Trello’?

Answer: No, you cannot receive in-game rewards from ‘One Piece New Dream Trello.’ It is just a platform for players where they can get information and guidance about the game.


One Piece New Dream delivers a striking and immersive gameplay adventure. Players are immersed in the world of Grand Line, where they can explore the seas and fight battles with various bosses and enemies. The game also features a cast of unique characters from the popular One Piece franchise, as well as unique mechanics such as a stamina system, allowing for more strategic battles. Players can participate in fishing competitions, raid battles, and other types of events.

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