Rumahsiapkerja. com (August 2021) Let’s Know About It!

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Introduction Of Rumahsiapkerja. com

Rumahsiapkerja. com is established because the RSK aim is connected to so many sectors including youth also to provide the program organized and all programs organized from the government NGO and the private also.

Rumah Siap Kerja ( RSK) is organized socially motivated to start-up to give them how to face and tackle the unemployment for youths development provides best platform for the youth explore the career opportunities and self development and enhance the skills .

RSK mission is to include the big socially reducing the unemployment improving the Indonesia’s human reducing negative social effects of the unemployment and RSK involved so many parties like minister, state, Institute, private parties, industry to communities and education Institute there for youth skills development helps this organization.

Rumahsiapkerja. com
Rumahsiapkerja. com

Challenges for the RSK

There are lots of challenges to face to effectively challenge the main concerns in the development to plan. In addition, the resources constraints especially in its infrastructure implement and operate the all function and how to develop the all mobile application without proper calculation and all the support the IT service which is required to support every time. The development will be carried out by maintaining many locations that RSK plans to establish .

Products of the RSK

Here is so many helping products are mention it and it’s help to improve the all service and get the best service including and enhance the all programs also and all products help to improve the quality of the service of the RSK

  • Manage Cloud
  • Managed Network
  • Backup as Service
  • Application development
  • Disaster Recovery as a service

These products improve the RSK productivity in all sectors and enhance the service related to work development .

Solution of Rumah Siap Kerja

RSK enhanced their social presence in 3 months and engaged all the social media platforms and for this hardworking RSK followers 200k on social media in a few months and RSK programs and training development new users make a large development community. So this organization

The best development service to all youths and the RSK spend the service from state  website and mobile application also.

Benefits of RSK

RSK programs give so many benefits from youth development and AWS implements the process and ensures the RSK focus on developing the website and mobile devices development and without worrying about the service and the infrastructure behind it .

Customer Reviews about the RSK

The customer gives the best review about the Rumah Siap on their Facebook page and all the reviews help us to improve the service from time to time. Every training program is conducted with people and they need to know how to recommend people to join these programs.

RSK thought on the website

Website gathers all information about the website and all information helps to to receive the related information about this website. How this website presents the service throws online and this organization takes great Initiative to have a great mission. Because this mission is organized for all youth to development and enhance the skills also

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