Sahibinden Com (Dec) Shopping Platform And Classified Website!

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What Is Sahibinden Com?

Some places provide you with good deals and value products and you should not leave that. Sahibinden Com (renault kwid sahibinden) is a shopping hunt place where people buy and sell their big properties like real estate, cars, goods, and other services.

You can find here all the valuable and assets to make your business broader. It is based in Turkey and there is a valid history in its making.The advertisement and entrepreneurship were first done through newspapers but it was late in the 90’s that the founder of Sahibinden Com decided to take up this to the internet.

Giving the visitors some rich and detailed listing to make the visit worth it. Sahibinden is the most preferred E-com site and the second most popular second-hand market store in Turkey.

The owner of the market is Aksoy Group. If you are searching for something affordable and worth your penny you should go for because they have been a well-known site for a very long time.

Sahibinden Com
Sahibinden Com

About the page

The page is protected so well that there is a heavy security check. The site will ask you to log in from outside turkey. The developer has given a special note on privacy and policy. The page is designed for sell-and-buy purposes for heavy and expensive kinds of stuff. The site mainly asks you to first log in and then search and find your required items and services.

The sahibinden . com indir has also extended its market in the social media field. It has a Facebook profile page where you can see its activities and services from any part of the world. And else, if you belong from Turkey, you can directly consider visiting the site. The site is making easy a lot of work for the landowners and real state investors. 

Benefits of this site

The sahibinden satılık site is carrying forward a lot of benefits because it is dealing with a big topic like the selling of vehicles and real estate. This includes a lot of demand in the present time and there is a lot of scopes to attract a huge number of masses. Talking about the capital site, since it is focusing on the side of the heavy market. There is a whole lot of chance for this industry to build up a farm in the coming near future and hire people in different segments.

Also, the sahibinden com. emlak is concerned mostly with marketing and online selling, it can generate several revenues through this. You will see a lot of benefits of this site, like in marketing, producing leads, generating traffics, and networking with business persons. The amount of hike and probability of its rich it has could not be seen in any other site in the coming 5 years.

The idea and way of execution are quite right in place. The founder has a plan in a very systematic way and the idea of bringing this platform online is commendable. Because of this early access to the internet, the site has also gone through a series of changes from the past decades. That is why people also have a building factor for it.


You will mostly see adult visitors on this site because the site is completely related to business and marketing. And most importantly the site is concerned with dealing with business to business (B2B). There is a high probability that the site will have a high engaging rate and it will take into account a large chain of the market.

You will see less on the internet about sahibinden satılık daire because they care about privacy a lot. They usually do not give access to foreigners. Also, the most important part of the page is it works as an online market for big business and it runs through big transaction processes.


The sahibinden araba site is designed and taken on the internet a long time ago. The site is a lot popular in its place in Turkey. It is considered as the second well-known site in that place. They work under the businesses section and they generally try to create contact and network among the circle and try to sell the products and services. They take up a lot of profit from this market.

The ratings and reviews are considered to be good and the reach is pretty amazing. The developer has given special attention to the site and the privacy policy. You need to log in or register yourself to enjoy the benefit of the site. And you can use this site in Turkey, specially designed for this location. The traffic rate and the user’s frequency are quite high because they can easily go through all the information from this site only.

Overall, the sahibinden kiralık is providing lots of benefits and making easy several tasks. The most important thing is that it is taking care of all the business-related tasks so efficiently since you will see there is a lot of documentation and other things involved with these services.


Is the site reliable?

The site is completely reliable because it gives you an option to be accessible through a certain place only. And also, the page is quite old so it is relevant to trust the page because many customers and engage on this site and take services from it.

What is the security policy?

The site is very much concerned with the privacy and security policy. The developer has designed the page in such a way that it gives access to only those who have an account and are from Turkey. The security is tight and you will see no information about this site other than Wikipedia. 

Who is this site for?

Sahibinden Com page is generally for adults and those who are into business. The page is mostly used by big business owners. The page is popular among investors and marketers due to its engagement with real state and commerce related to buying and selling. 

What is the conversion rate of this site?

The site has a high conversion rate due to its selection of products and services. The owner is profiting a lot due to which this site is the second most popular site in Turkey.

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