Sara Beltran Ponce Miscarriage (MD) News On Twitter & Instagram

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What Is COVID 19?

We all understand that how the vaccine is essential for the fight against the coronavirus. Due to the COVID crisis, people’s lives have changed in almost every aspect, and they are more concerned about their health. To offer better health against the coronavirus, vaccines were made. Recently vaccines were invented to stop the crisis of coronavirus.

This pandemic was a serious issue and has turned down the lives of several people as well. It is imperative to consider vaccines to protect yourself. We also understand that some people are no more concerned about getting vaccinated now as the vaccines are available. Because of the pandemic, vaccines were developed as quickly as possible, and routine processes remain in place to assure the safety of vaccines approved to use.

Only approved vaccines are used for the people to fight against this pandemic. Safety is the top priority of the vaccine developer, and there are several reasons which validate you to get vaccinated. Vaccinated people are protected from the crisis of COVID and also stop the spread of this hazardous virus.

Mainly people think that the COVID 19 vaccine is harmful and can cause severe infections. But that is not the actual case. None of the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous and will not make you sick. There are enormous benefits of COVID-19 vaccination, which are currently in use.

Sara Beltran Ponce Miscarriage
Sara Beltran Ponce Miscarriage

What are the Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccination?

In this pandemic, a vaccine had introduced as soon as possible to control the spread of this harmful virus to protect people. Due to the lack of any vaccines and medicines, several people had to face death and lost their lives. This was more shocking. Mainly vaccines are now easily available in the United States, which have shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19.

All vaccines for the coronavirus are in development and are being carefully evaluated in clinics’ trials and get authorized only when it substantially shows less likelihood that COVID-19 will infect a person.

By getting vaccinated, a person can be protected from some severe infection caused by this hazardous coronavirus and allow people to save the person around you. This decreases the risk factor of disease from this virus. According to the experts, they also conducted more studies of the illness related to coronavirus infection and read about keeping people from spreading coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

COVID-19 has led affect person and to get sick. This spread the disease to friends, and families is other members who are around you. Vaccines have shown potential benefits and must outweigh the known and potential risks for use. Getting vaccinated prevents the text of the person fro from creating a body response without any side effects. Vaccines are the possible way to deal with this pandemic and to stop the death of people.

This is an essential tool to help prevent the pandemic. By putting masks and keeping social distancing is a crucial way to control the spread of coronavirus. But these manners are not sufficient to handle the outbreak of coronavirus. Vaccination is important.

The recent case of Sara Beltran Ponce Miscarriage

As per the recent news, it was found some shocking news about Sara Beltrom Ponce. This news is getting viral as she tweeted on Twitter herself about the vaccine of COVID-19. It has become serious news for the people because she has to suffer a miscarriage by getting vaccinated.

We know that most people consider themselves to be in the field of medicine as the passion. This passion has created some misfortune for the people. If you want to be in treatment, then it is trivial to be dedicated and qualified to handle the responsibility. Don’t prefer the medical field to follow your passion.

Just because of the hold of medicine, several bad cases were found which many of them are not even aware of what they are creating and how it is affecting the people. But, this has become the case and every day.

Recently, the case of Sara Beltron Lince’s miscarriage speaks loudly. She is a medical student and has graduated from a medical college in the year 2019. She is a medical student and wanted to take her career in medicals as she was always dreamed about. As per the radiation oncology was her most prime concern, and she also pursued to stay moody in her interest. She stated that she is very passionate about her medical field to take the responsibilities, which is why she took it forward.

She shared her experience when she got vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. That time she was pregnant, and she took vaccines to save her child and her health. She thought that getting vaccinated would be safe for her child and was safe enough. But that became quite shocking at the time. After getting vaccinated, she got her miscarriage.

Due to the vaccines show got her miscarriage, and she was not able to protect her child. Her husband supported her when she was going through her challenging part of her life. She was 14 weeks pregnant, and she took vaccines to remove any misfortune or further problems. There are several cases like that and which are seen over daily headlines.

Sara Beltran Ponce tweeted her thoughts and shared her experience after getting vaccinated. She tweeted about her miscarriage.

“She mentioned that her doctor recommended that if she is pregnant, she needs to take care of herself. The doctor suggested regular check-ups, and this will have a positive impact on the baby. As she gets vaccinated, everything has taken in the wrong path”.


There are many cases like that, but Sara Beltran Price decided to make people aware. Mainly the protein is responsible for the process of development of the baby in the stage of pregnancy. It also provides oxygen and other essential food for the fetus. She was leading a healthy procedure to save her fetus and took all precautions. But misfortune happened after getting vaccinated. Her miscarriage news was all over the internet, and she tweeted about that.

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