Smoking behind the supermarket with you Wiki, Chapter 1

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Jinushi is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series “Smoking behind the supermarket with you ” (Super no Ura de Yani S. Futari, “Smoking behind the supermarket with you”). In March 2022, a webcomic that was posted on Twitter marked the start of the series. In August 2022, the series then started running as a serial in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine.

Smoking behind the supermarket with you
Smoking behind the supermarket with you


Overworked salaryman Sasaki finds relief from his everyday tensions in Yamada’s customer service, a charming, upbeat grocery cashier. When Yamada, who was already through with work for the day, went outside to smoke, he found himself working late. Tayama, a mysterious woman, invited him to the smoking area behind the store.



The male protagonist, a tired middle-aged businessman (aged 45) who works in sales for what Tayama refers to as a “black company,” gets revitalised by going to Yamada’s checkout to complete his shopping due of her amiable customer service style. He is unaware that Tayama, his new smoking pal, and his favourite character, Yamada, are the same.

Yamada / Tayama

The female lead is a 24-year-old Super S employee who began working there as a part-timer 8 years ago. When she presents herself to Sasaki as “Tayama,” she is much cooler, leather-jacketed, and has multiple ear piercings in contrast to her modest and excellent customer service persona as Yamada.

Sasaki accepts her invitation to visit the Smoking behind the supermarket with you, which he then does frequently. Dazed and marginally resentful that Sasaki can’t perceive that Yamada and Tayama are a similar individual, and to some degree irritated about his raising Yamada (cf. finding her short-sleeved work outfit charming)


The female manager of Super S, who backs Yamada (and what she sees in their friendship). enjoys romantic books and their approximate real-world counterparts.

Boss of Sasaki

A bald man who, insufferably insists on turning off the air conditioning in the sweltering summer heat because he feels colder than everyone else because he lacks hair; he irrationally objects to staff wearing forehead cooling strips, therefore everyone suffers greatly.


Another Super S senior who goes by the name “Chief Maezawa” and is in charge of the cashiers tells Yamada the ghostly tale of the store’s smoking area. good at helping “lost” children who need to locate their parents.


Central aged  assistant manager at Super S who was polite.


Father of Emi and the empathetic blonde coworker of  Sasaki.


In order to practise his creative writing, his editor suggested he draw a brief manga, which is how the series came to be.The manga for the spooky narrative Rokurei, which was being serialised, was drawn in a more realistic manner because of this, and the manga’s setting—Smoking behind the supermarket with you—was chosen since the author had experience in customer service and sales.


When the first chapter was tweeted, it generated a significant response, garnering more than 190,000 likes (as of June 2, 2022). On June 25, in the year of 2022, the series had gathered more than 2.5 million likes overall.

The serialisation of the magazine in Monthly Big Gangan began on August 25, 2022.  It was featured on the cover and opening colour of this issue.The first volume of the book, which contains chapters that have just been written, was also published on that day.

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