Sonnencreme Test 2022 (June) Get Detailed Review!

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Sunscreens are essential as it helps to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. These types of cream are imperative even for children as playing in the sun or going on the beach can cause skin problems.

But today, many such brands in the market assure the best result, making it challenging to select the best among all. So, sonnencreme test 2022 was conducted that helped people to come up with the sunscreen that is best for their skin.

So, if you are also looking to buy sunscreen but unable to decide which is best and suits your skin, check out the information below:

What is the Sonnencreme Test 2022?

It is tough to select the best sunscreen that protects completely from harmful UV rays. Many times, we end up buying cheap lotions without considering the ingredients and thus experience tanning.

Sonnencreme Test 2022
Sonnencreme Test 2022

But with the sonnencreme test 2022, we would be able to get the best creams that are beneficial and effective on the skin. The test checks out the sunscreen lotion ingredients and ensures it has the thing that protects us from UV rays.

Sunscreen with parabens and octocrylene is believed to be best for protecting the skin. But the effect of these ingredients reduces with time and does not show the required result.

So, under sonnencreme test, it found that certain mineral filters give good protection and so brands that has it been advisable to use.

Tips for sun protection: Sonnencreme Test 2022

  • The sonnencreme test 2022 recommends using a good amount of sunscreen on the skin to get good protection. It must not be overloaded but must be enough to have a layer on your skin.
  • According to the test, sunscreen with SPF 30 and above is suitable for adults and children. Some brands assure protection even with 20 SPF, but it is false.
  • One must avoid going out in the sun during mid-day, especially for children.
  • The test makes it clear that sunscreen selection of sunscreen lotion must be based on use, climate, and, most importantly, your skin. If it is only, checks out which brands sonnencreme test 2022 recommends and what for dry skin.
  • It is good to reapply sunscreen after some specific time to maintain protection.


Which sunscreen brand is best according to sonnencreme test 2022?

Some of the brands which are best according to sonnencreme test 2022 are Sundance sun milk, Aldi “Ombra SunUltra Sensitive Sunscreen,” Edeka “Elkos Sun sun milk,” Jean & Len “Sun Spray Sensitive,” Rossmann “Sunozon sun milk,” Nivea and many more.

Can children have sunscreen lotion as an adult?

According to the sonnencreme test 2022, children have different skin textures, so it is not advisable to have the same as adults. Some brands are approved by sonnencreme test 2022, especially for children. 


The main aim of the sonnencreme test 2022 is to help people get the best in the market. It is tough to decide as we are not checking out effective ingredients and end up at some cheap brand that assures 50+sPF.

But with the sonnencreme test 2022, we would get the safe and effective brand to give complete skin protection. So, check out brands that have passed the sonnencreme test 2022 to get good results. 

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