Soul War Roblox Trello, Tier List, Codes, Script & Wiki 2023!

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Soul War Roblox Trello
Soul War Roblox Trello

Most Roblox games have a Trello, an official Trello created by the developers to help players understand the basics of the game and cover all aspects of the game; better than what can be covered. Soul War Trello is also available. Thanks to the developers, Soul War Roblox Trello is available for all players. Developers can also share guides, tips, tier lists, and more information on their official Discord.

soul war control

  • Q – Lightning Walk (run) Dash (walk)
  • E – Equipment Sword/Scabbard
  • Sprint W+W
  • V – Shikai Toss (Soul Reaper only)
  • B – Bankai/Vasto Rage Throw (Soul Reaper/Vizard only)
  • Block F
  • F+M1 / Press F – Stop
  • 1-7 – Skills
  • R, T, Y – Skills
  • W, X, C – Special Abilities (Shikai)
  • ` – Skill/Accessory Inventory
  • M-menu
  • N – Meditate (requires Shikai unlock)

Soul War Trello: Sword Guide

A Sword – Equipping these swords gives you better speed. A sword has a 95% chance of appearing on your character. Compared to two swords, you deal less damage but move more quickly.

  • Management
  • Black
  • Cut
  • The handle (alternative)
  • Black (Alternative)

Two Swords: Two swords possess greater power than one sword. Two Swords has a 5% chance to appear on your character. Despite being slower than One Sword, you deal more damage.

  • Management
  • Black
  • Cut
  • The handle (alternative)
  • Black (alternate)

Soul War Tier List

Here we have ranked the Shikai from Tier S to Tier D, with S being outstanding but D being the worst-performing Shikai in the game.


It is the best Shikai in the game. Players must try it to have the best gaming experience.

  • Ice cream
  • Blood

A Tier

They perform very well in the game. They may not be as powerful as S-tier Shikai, but they are strong contenders on this Soul War Shikai Bleach tier list.

  • Riot

B Tier

It is still good and can offer decent performance. However, they lack the extravagance of the S or A level.

  • black hole
  • Wind

Tier C

These Shikai will need an experienced player to get the most out of them. They are average at best.

  • Justice


It is definitely below average and players should try to level it up. These are the bad guys in this Shikai tier list.

  • Putrefaction
  • String
  • Animal
  • Land

Soul War Codes

Many active Soul War codes can currently be redeemed in-game, granting rewards such as the yen and rerolls. Here are the codes:

  • !code SINNER – Use this code to get free yen
  • !code ANTICHEAT – Use this code to get free yen
  • !code BYAKUYA – Use this code to get free yen
  • !code RACEREROLL2 – Use this code to reroll
  • !code SPECIALREROLL2 – Use this code to reroll
  • !code RACEREROL – Use this code to reroll
  • !code SPECIALREROLL – Use this code to reroll
  • !code BUGFIXES – Use this code to get 5,000 yen
  • !code SUB2ARICKUU – Use this code to get 5,000 yen
  • !code UPDATE2 – Use this code to get 5,000 yen


There are also expired codes that no longer work, but it’s worth knowing about them so you don’t waste time accidentally using them in the future.

  1. !code UPDATE1
  2. !code 3MVISITES
  3. !code 50KMEDE
  4. !code 1MVISITS
  5. !code 2MVISITES
  6. !code 10CLICKS
  8. !code RICH NOTES
  9. !code WEAR
  10. ! Code EVERRICHER
  11. !code NEW POWER
  12. !code OTHER CLEANING
  13. !code THANK YOU
  14. !XP INCREASE code
  15. !code FREE CLEANING
  16. !code FREE MONEY

Soul War Script

Similar to Soul War codes, the scripts in this game are constantly changing. However, we have tested and verified the following Soul War script at the time of writing this article and it works 100%.

This script especially works now, but it may not work in the future. To get the latest Soul War script, please visit this page regularly as we will update this post with the latest script when it becomes available.

The Soul War script is available here for copying:

loading(game:HttpGet((‘’), true))()

How to use Soul War Script?

The process of using the Soul War script is simple. However, if you are not familiar with the procedure, follow the steps below:

  • First, download and install a Roblox runner like Arceus X, Hydrogen, or Fluxus.
  • Since Arceus X is not currently running, we will use the Hydrogen Executor to explain the process.
  • If you haven’t downloaded Hydrogen Executor yet, download it now by clicking here.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded and installed hydrogen on your mobile device, click the Verify button and get the hydrogen key.
  • Once you have the key, search for Soul War and click the play button.
  • Once started, copy the script above and paste it into the Script Hub.
  • Once pasted, click the Play button to run it.
  • Once activated, options like Auto Farm and Auto Quest will be available to you.
  • That’s it!

That’s all you need to know about the E the Soul War script.

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