Spotlight Hour Pokemon Go Today (2022 August) Wiki Explained!

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Pokemon go is a game loved by millions of people. Nowadays, pokemon spotlight hour is trending. And some people are confused about what it is. Are you here to know every detail of the Spotlight Hour Pokemon Go? Yes? You are at the right place as here I will discuss everything about the spotlight hour pokemon go. Just continue reading-

Let’s get details about the spotlight hour pokemon go

Pokemon Go is a worldwide famous game where people find and catch pokemons. Spotlight hour is a weekly event hosted in pokemon go. It highlights one special and surprising pokemon. This new pokemon will offer a special double bonus to players. For this special hour, pokemon trainers will be allowed to catch as many pokemon species as possible. This hour gives them a perfect chance to fill their Pokedex. 

Candy plays a vital role in the game. They can power up any pokemon. In this spotlight hour, trainers can collect enough candies to evolve and power up their pokemon. Pokemon Go Trainers will also have the chance to grab Double Catch XP. It is a part of the special hour bonus. 

Spotlight Hour Pokemon Go
Spotlight Hour Pokemon Go

Who hosts the Spotlight Hour Pokemon Go?

Niantic, the developer of the Pokemon Go game, hosts the spotlight hour. 

What is the schedule for spotlight hour pokemon go?

Interested to know about the schedule for August 2022? Below mentioned are the details-

  1. The 2nd of August 

Spotlight hour was from 6 PM-7 PM, and in this, the spotlight pokemon was Hisuian Votorb. 

The spotlight bonus for this hour was 2x Catch Stardust. And it wasn’t shiny. 

  1. 9th of August 

Spotlight hour was from 6 PM-7 PM, and the Nidoran♀️was the spotlight pokemon. 

The bonus given to pokemon trainers in this hour was 2x Catch XP. 

It was a shiny one. 

  1. 16th of August

Spotlight hour will be from 6 PM-7 PM, and the special pokemon in this will be Joltik. 

Bonus will be Double Catch Candy.

 The last thing is that it won’t be shiny. 

  1. 23rd of August

6 PM-7 PM will be the spotlight hour where the special pokemon will be Nidoran-Male. 

2x Transfer Candy will be the trainer’s bonus. 

Nidoran- Male Pokemon can be shiny. 

  1. 30th of August

The spotlight hour on 30th will be 6 PM-7 PM. The special pokemon here will be Pidove. 

The bonus for the trainers will be 2X Evolution XP. 

pidove pokemon can be shiny. 

Note- all these spotlight hours are conducted on Tuesday, and the time given is according to Indian Standard Time.

How can you prepare for the spotlight hour pokemon go?

Are you planning to participate in the spotlight hour? Want to prepare yourself? Below listed are some ways-

  • Make certain that you have enough poke balls and berries. You will be given one hour to catch unlimited pokemons. I’m sure that you don’t want to waste time spinning pokestops. So just keep enough poke balls and berries with you. 
  • Make sure to have proper space in your pokemon storage box. You may not want to waste your time in transferring pokemons in the spotlight hour. So just keep enough space beforehand. 
  • Check whether you have spare lures or not. If not, have it because it will increase the number of pokemon encounters for half an hour. Using this in the spotlight hour will increase the chance of encountering the mystery pokemon. So make sure you have it in the spotlight hour. 
  • The last thing is- think about using a spare lucky egg or star piece during the special hour. 
  • It can increase the amount of bonus you will receive. If it is used cautiously, it becomes an effective way to get XP fast in Pokemon go. 

What are the spotlight hour rate and shiny rate?

The spawn rate of each special pokemon (spotlight hour pokemon) is raised for one hour. You will have a great chance to catch pokemons of each species. The spawn rate of shiny pokemons will also be uplifted. So trainers have a great chance here to collect shiny pokemons. 


Spotlight hour pokemon go is a weekly event where the spawning rate of one pokemon is high. Pokemon trainers can catch “n” number of pokemons in this special one hour. It is hosted by Niantic and hosted every month. 

Frequently asked questions

Are spotlight hours also hosted before August 2022? 

Yes, spotlight hours are hosted every month within a gap of one week. 

Is there a shiny spritzee?

No, spritzee pokemon can’t be shiny in the game. 

Is shiny cubone rare?

Shiny cubone isn’t very rare. 

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