Stalkerinsta Com: How to know who visited your Instagram profile

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What Is Stalkerinsta Com?

Stalkerinsta Com: Unlike the late Orkut , Instagram, as well as most social networks today, does not show who is stalking your profile, which, for the curious on duty, is a martyrdom. However, we have good news, there are several – unofficial – ways to find out who is visiting your account.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that most ways to find out who has visited your profile require a third-party app that may not guarantee the security of your data.

There are two apps, Qmiran for Android, and Visitors Pro, for iOS, that allows verification – Visitors Pro, however, requires a subscription after presenting a limit of profiles that have visited you.

However, despite the tips from the apps, our tutorial focuses on a website that offers the same feature and without the need for registration, login or subscription: it’s Instagram Stalker.

Stalkerinsta Com
Stalkerinsta Com

What is Insta Stalker?

Stalkerinsta Com is a website that lets you know who has visited your Instagram and also seen your posts. It only requires you to enter your profile name or media URL and then it presents a list of users who have visited you the most in the last month.

The only caveat is that the account needs to be opened for the trick to work. Follow the tutorial below and see how to do it.

How to know who visited my Instagram profile with Stalkerinsta Com?

  • Access Instagram Stalker, available here ;
  • Click on “View now” and skip the ad on the back page;
  • Then write the name of the profile you want to check visits. Then tap on “View Stalkers” – it is not necessary to put the @;
  • A list of users who most visited the account in the last month will appear. Some information – name, and photo – may appear ‘blurred‘. According to our tests, users who appear like this could be people who have private accounts or whose profile doesn’t follow;

How do I know who has seen my posts on Instagram?

  1. To find out who has seen your posts, on the same page, at the top of the right side, click on “Who has seen my posts”;
  2. After skipping the ad again, add the URL of the publication you want to find out who viewed it in the field indicated. Then click on “View”;
  3. As for the profile, a list will appear just below.

Ready! Now, you already know how to see who visited your Instagram profile in a more secure way.

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