Stonehearttrials Fortnite Com (Trial) How To Get Free Rewards?

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How to play Stonehearttrials Fortnite Com?

If you happen to be one of the avid lovers of Fortnite Creative, or if you just hold any wish to experience the unseen scenes of Stonehearttrials Fortnite Com, then there goes the elaborated article that might throw some unwanted happiness on the players, stay tuned to the end of this article to find out the answer which you have been looking for.

There are six available maps that create more impact throughout the game and here the user can get a reward out of voting for the favorite map out of six.

All these creative things have all been created by French creators and over time people have liked all of them. The player has to participate in different trails to avail of that.

There are some prominent french creators for them. The game has lately become so popular. Now let’s get into more technicalities of the game.

Stonehearttrials Fortnite Com
Stonehearttrials Fortnite Com

How To Participate In The Stonehearttrials Fortnite Com Trials?

The user or player has Log into his other Epic or rather the exciting and of course the original account on the Stonehearttrials Fortnite Com Trials website and will have to jump over to the Challenges page to get started with the exciting phases of the game, this process is the very basic process to get started with all sorts fun and entertainment.

Now after completing the process to accomplish the respective game page’s challenges while playing the exiting of all games, Fortnite these steps will invariably help to keep track of the player’s progress on the website!

One thing that is highly notable here is that the player has to at least wait for the upcoming 90 minutes for the progress of the players to get materialized.

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Details On Earn In-game Rewards

Here the player will eventually earn one badge for every two out of those Top 10 placements he or she gets in the famous Battle Royale matches; this gets applied to all types of matches be it solo, be it a duet, or be it when the players are playing in squads.

In this discussion, one thing will become popular: how many games are played, and on the basis of that, the rewards are going to be earned. There goes the detailed info, suppose the player gets one badge that will be able to unlock the Doomed Affair Spray.

Suppose the case arises where the player earns Six badges, then that will unlock the Hearty Wrap. Eventually, if the players earn the Eleven badges that tend to unlock the Thorns of Passion Pickaxe.


Fortnite is one of those exciting games of all time and secondly here the trial makes the biggest difference. The creative maps and the creators also equally maintain their roles and that is the sole reason why people get rewards, does not matter how well one plays this game, the basic designs that matter due to the creators and maps make the most of it.

Surely the players are going to enjoy every bit of this game. The top three most voted maps and creators get into the participations of this game.

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