Elfaa Story Keren Capcut Template Edit Link (2022) New Trend Nepali!

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Story Keren Capcut Template
Story Keren Capcut Template

Story Karen capcut template was released recently, and many people have used it till now. It has been viral among TikTok users since it was released. More and more TikTok users are making their videos with this template. Are you also curious to create your video with the story Karen template? If yes, then you must read the article thoroughly because I will describe various details regarding it, including – what it is, its usage procedure, and downloading steps. Let’s start-

Story Karen Capcut template

These days, it influences thousands of TikTok and other social media platform users. It is an excellent capcut template that makes a user’s video appealing to others. The overlay added by this template is neon coloured, which is just amazing. 

The user interface of capcut is straightforward so you just have to go there and use the template. Neon lovers just love the template’s lighting effects of the template so if you are fond of it, start creating videos with it.

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How to use the story Karen capcut template?

The user interface of capcut is very simple, so don’t worry about the process of creating videos with the template. It’s easy, and you don’t even need to have any grip on video editing. Just follow the moves given here, and you’ll successfully create an amazing video-

  • Head on to the story Karen template. 
  • Covet the photos or video you wish to edit with the neon theme template.
  • Hold back for some seconds, as uploading effects and filters to your selected photos/video takes some time.
  • Evaluate the output and make changes if you think it needs any.
  • For editing, you can look at the capcut manual and edit it however you wish. The pencil icon is given for replacing, cropping or adjusting the video. 
  • Once you complete this, consider saving the video by tapping on the export option.
  • Decide the resolution you want to have your video in.
  • Now, decide whether you want your video with watermark or without it. 

For without watermark, smash on “export without watermark“.

For with watermark, hit on “export with watermark.”

  • Now, save the video on your device. You can also share the video directly on your TikTok account.

Don’t get annoyed if saving or sharing takes some time because usually, it takes some seconds for the task. 

How can you download the story Karen template?

Many people face problems in downloading the capcut templates, so in this section, I’ll guide those individuals. But before initiating the procedure of how to download, let me tell you one good thing – there are two ways of doing it. 

  1. First procedure
  • Download the capcut video editing application first (if you don’t have it on your device).
  • Open it.
  • Now, turn to the template navigation section. 
  • Search for the story Karen template either by using the search feature or hunting for it among other templates by scrolling. 
  1. Second procedure
  • Ensure you have the capcut app on your mobile. 
  • Search for “story Karen capcut template” on google 
  • Visit any website where you can get its link.
  • Hit on the link, and then you’ll be directed to the template in the capcut app.

Good thing – you don’t need to follow any of the procedures for this because we provide you with the link to the story Karen template. You can just click on it and get it. 

One more thing – you can’t download the templates; you can just make videos with them. So the above-mentioned process is for getting the story Karen capcut template. 


This is all the data regarding the story Karen capcut template; I hope this will help you in creating your neon light background video. For any questions, please comment below. 

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