Reviews (PayPal) Is Legit Or Scam?

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Surveyj.Co Reviews

We have come across many organizations that collect and provide data of people to big companies to market and sell their products and services. is a marketing firm which is based in the US that collects data and sells it to companies.

They get money in return by selling the data which is the real valuable information to the companies.  The company gives the assurance that there is no fraud activity happening by selling a large pool of data about people. Reviews Reviews


The main feature of this company is that the information shared is in a very genuine platform and the data is been processed through a standard data collection process.

  • The company has active social media pages and is available on all major social networking sites like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • The data which is been collected is protected with the help of HTTPS technology so that the data is not misused.
  • The way of working is very simple and hassle-free. There is no forgery or illegal things happening by sharing data. You just have to share your information and get a chance to earn money.
  • This is the simplest way to get the necessary information about an individual or company.

Pros of

  • There are many pros to the company. The employees have said that there is flexibility in working as the employees can work according to their choice. There is no time constraint.
  • Surveyj. The company also provides free food and drinks to their employees offering them a great place to work.
  • Those employees who have participated in the surveys have said that their experience was good and excellent with the survey. as the employees were very warm and always ready to help.


  • When there are pros about anything, there will always be cons also.
  • The company is not legal and they misuse the data of the customers.
  • The behavior of employees is not up to standard and they lack good communication skills.
  • Employees are not hard-working and find excuses to get away from the work.

Reviews about Surveyj. co

There are many reviews about the surveyj. company and they are not fully satisfactory as it sounds. The reviews also suggest that the company needs to redesign its format structure as it is not pleasing at all and is poorly designed. There is very little information also available about the content.

The structure of questions is also tough to crack and loses its credibility due to all these issues. The information provided by the employees isn’t recorded anywhere in a public forum so there is no data available to tell about its legitimacy. In short, there is no data to prove its worth and doesn’t have any value for money.

If there is no data to prove whether the Information collected is not misused and is legal, then it is tough to assume that the company is true to its words. If the company wants to improve its credibility then it should show some pieces of evidence to prove the same.

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