The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Novel (Chapter 21) Pdf Free Download

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The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Novel Pdf

The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Novel Pdf is a novel about a son-in-law who everyone disdained. Charlie Wade’s identity as the successor of a who was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a renowned lineage stayed confidential. He promised himself that someday, those who scorned him would bow before him and solicit forgiveness in the long run. He would watch Zhou Yang roll the tables and prove the perfect son-in-law.

The story starts with living in someone else’s house.

Zhou Yang was embarrassed to ask for more money when the medical institution was insisting on extra money.

Zhou Yang was quite young when his mother caught uremia, and so, he was bothered by his mother’s health and about paying off her medical expenses. On the other hand, he was fascinated by a girl for three years, and when he expressed his situation to her, she gave him the proposal to marry her and become the son-in-law of her home. She even said to him to pay some amount as dowry for curing his mother.

Though Zhou Yang understands that Xie Lingyu had never loved him, he could not decline the offer as he didn’t have choices, and it was vital for him to accept the proposal for his mother’s treatment.

He always worked hard for her family to satisfy them through sweat and blood, but still, her parents weren’t impressed by his service. He was ever made fun of by his family. On the other side, Xie Lingyu was never into this but also, she never allowed him to touch her despite being gotten married to him for three years.

Suddenly, her mother harshly opens the door and finds that he has been taking money from Xie Lingyu, and so, she begins criticizing not earning money for the home or his wife. She moves forward to snatch away the money with anger and tells him that their cosmetic business has been running at a loss, and instead, he is swallowing more money in the hospital.

The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Novel Pdf

Zhou Yang was disturbed and bowed head with shame but couldn’t help her out as he was all idle sitting at home. At the moment, there was a knock at the door when Xie Lingyu was depressed, and her mother was yelling at him. She found a courier man standing with a bouquet of red roses and calling her to accept those flowers.

Zhou Yang understood that those flowers were sent by her ex-boyfriend Chen Jun Sheng. It happened all three years back when Xie Lingyu was deeply in love with him and persuaded him to marry her, but instead, he refused the proposal and went abroad for further studies.

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Recently, Chen Jun sheng turned into an aristocrat, and he received immense popularity in the province. However, ever since he came from abroad, he has been sending flowers to her regularly after she refused to accept the first one. However, Zhou Yang knows that she is resolute about not accepting him anymore and so, he was alright.

On the other hand, her mother wanted her to divorce him and accept the proposal of marrying Chen Jun sheng and so the cosmetic company could be saved from getting dissolved.
However, Xie Lingyu did not accept those bouquets, and instead, she told the courier man to return. While her mother learns about these, she appears quickly before her and speaks not to hurt Chen Jun sheng as he knows how to impress her with presenting roses and so. Instead, she signed and accepted those flowers with a big smile on her face.

Xie Lingyu then quickly leaves the room to visit the bank to take a loan. After that, the situation worsens when Zhou Yang found her mother praising Chen Jun sheng for his wealth and knowledge of being romantic. Finally, Zhou Yang leaves for a visit to his mother with a feeling of mixed emotions.

It wasn’t that he never tried for a profession. Still, he was always over-burned by his debt, medical expenditure, and the present situation that was taking place in Lingyu’s business. His heart was broken down. It was as if he was unable to do anything despite living in this world. He felt helpless and even useless to survive.

And finally, when he arrives at City Hospital Nurse Station to pay his mother’s medical expenses, the nurse tells him about the bill being paid by someone. He was surprised to hear that as he didn’t know anyone except his mother, Wang Chunlian, and a few friends and relatives on whom he could have depended on his livelihood.

He was very eager to know the name of the person who could have paid the medical bills for his mother. His mother always told him about not having money is alright but having no ambition in life is not okay. At the same time, it is true that even before three years, all his aspirations were lost, and he had no self-esteemed.

The nurse reveals that he was a tall and lean man, but he didn’t state his name. The nurse then hands him a folder and tells him about it given by the tall man who told her to provide him. Being intrigued by this, he was anxious to open the folder when he founds an iPad and a bank card.

Zhou Yang then unfolds the iPad with attentiveness when a video calling appeared and discovered a skinny older man standing and calling out his name with a decent voice and tells him to be attentive to what he is going to speak.
He says that soon he will be receiving a massive amount as the only successor of him. He was blanked when he learned about this, but he quickly responded that it is none other than anyone but his father. The older man replied by nodding his head and revealed his father is a famous and leading Chinese businessman who has high-esteem worldwide and owns a value of trillions of dollars as the Zhou Group chairman.

Zhao Tong resumes speaking of having been delivered an email that contains confidential documents of Zhou’s inheritance. And even about giving him the chance of opting as the chairman of his father’s company.

Zhou Yang was quick to say no. Zhao Tong was surprised to know this, so he insisted on knowing the reason behind saying no. He replied that his father left him and his mother for a prolonged time, and so, he would never forgive him for his wrongdoings as he and his mother had to suffer a lot for him. The inheritance price is much lower than this suffering, he revealed.

He had immense anger for his father as also because he never met him. His father never took any information about them and never even tried helping out; his mother recovered from illness. It was only possible because of Xie Lingyu, who wanted to help him and saved his mother. He wasn’t interested in inheriting someone’s amount whom he didn’t know before.
The old man was surprised to know this, but he had no choice, and so, he kept him on insisting on leaving for the USA to inherit the possessions as the only leader of the Zhou Group. To this Zhou Yang, replied that he couldn’t leave his wife and move to a new place. He then immediately turns off the video call.

Zhou Yang loved his wife, and he always wanted to live a satisfying life with her. He was feeling disgraceful about her. After this, he went to have a normal conversation with his mother and avoided revealing anything about his father as she was not all well. He then heads towards Fame Company. When he receives a call about his wife being visited by Chen Jun sheng at her company.

He was trembled to listen at this and so, and he decides to see visit her company when he founds the guard addressing him about going out on his car. The guards were good with him as they understood his situation very well. They were heading to Silver Lake Clubhouse, which was a high-class association. It was learned that the club owner was a very rich and wealthy man whose glimpse could make people go down below their knees to perform anything for staying with him.

It was based on a membership subscription, and so, even if one had plenty of cash, they couldn’t get the chance to enter that club unless they had a status of forming an association with it.
Zhou Yang understood that he wasn’t qualified to be a member of that club nor his wife even after being a successful businesswoman. What was bothering him was Chen Jun sheng, who was never good with her when they were in a relationship. He always tried using her body, but she still refused to do so. He was afraid of Chen Jun sheng, of repeating the same thing by helping her in the financial crises of her business.

After contemplating for a long time, Zhou Yang takes a ride and reaches Silver Lake Clubhouse. He finds that his wife in a black dress comes out of Chen Jun sheng’s car.

Soon he was stopped by Chen Jun sheng to enter the lavish club and got humiliated by him. He tried stopping his wife but was prevented by the guards from entering the club. He was then recalled by his friend Wang Yanyan who assured him of returning her safely as she was working there.

Zhou Yang was intrigued by her classmate’s appearance as she looked different, but afterward, he founds her recalling his past and humiliating him. He was surprised by her conduct for him. Meanwhile, he receives a text message of his inheritance from the Silver Lake Clubhouse. He was shocked to hear that, and so, he started making a call to the Director of Silver Lake Clubhouse, where he begins by saying that you only have a few seconds to come here as he was bothered by his wife. On another side, Wang Yanyan was making fun of his look and swaggering. But what was more shocking to her was that when Chen Shihao came running to him.

Chen Shihao stood by Zhou Yang and started beating her with rage on his face. He then demanded to meet his wife and went upstairs to find her.

He finds her having a conversation with Chen Jun sheng and his squad. When someone seems to whisper that she has received a drug dosage in her drink and could fall asleep anytime, finding this, he went off to beat them, and then, they were thrown out of Silver Lake Clubhouse.

Later, the next morning both of them went to their respective work where he was stopped before Fame Company, and suddenly, there stood Lee Chuan, his supervisor and the sales director of Fame company was suppressing his rage by saying that he would fire him for not being present at work.

He then heads to the office, where he was handed the resignation letter. After hearing this, he meets Shen Bi Jun, the director, where he discusses her acquiring the Stanford Biology Lab’s patent right. He managed to receive 60% of the profit from the sales and distribution of whitening and anti-aging products to support Fame company for his wife’s sake.

Everything was happening in a while when he learned about his inheritance of possessions. People started respecting and looked at him differently. Those were trying to degrade him, and he stood far beyond them that no one could reach him. He was all of a sudden an aristocrat in the whole of China. He soon turned out to be the perfect and best son-in-law in the entire region of China.

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