The Bywater (2022) Everything You Need To Know!

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There are different restaurants in Los Gatos, California, to enjoy different delicacies. “The Bywater” has gained a good name and fame because of the master chef David Kinch.

He is a Michelin three-star chef who is quite popular because of New Orleans-inspired delicacies. He already has 1 restaurant in Los Gatos named Manresa, even considered top 50 in America’s restaurant list.

David Kinch learned cooking in New Orleans and got recognition as a Michelin star. So, he tries hard to bring new dishes inspired by New Orleans culture and loved by people. So, let’s check out more about The Bywater and what makes it different from Manresa and other restaurants in the neighborhood.

What is The Bywater?

The Bywater is a famous restaurant in Los Gatos, California, owned by David Kinch. He is not only the owner but also the master chef who tries out a new yummy dish and is also inspired by the neighborhoods.

The Bywater
The Bywater

The view of the restaurant is very impressive and attracts people to spend the weekend enjoying drink and food. Yes, the restaurant has a good collection of beer, so people like to spend the weekend at The Bywater.

The restaurants are very popular among the locals as they can try out different dishes that include golden brown hush puppies, Cajun and much more. The desserts are also aromatic and tasty, which has made The Bywater so popular.

The restaurant also has outside dinned where people can enjoy the food and some mesmerizing views. Some drinks and dishes might feel costly, but the taste is worth it. The New Orleans-inspired dishes, desserts, beers, music, riverside make it one of the best places to visit in Los Gatos.


  • The Bywater has one the best view as it is near the riverside. So, people can have their food and drink outside to enjoy meals by the river.
  • It has the facility to dine outside, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and have a good time with their drink.
  • People who visit the restaurant during the weekend and do not wish to wait for their turn can book.
  • It is not only for lunch or dinner, but people can enjoy a luscious brunch. It is the best thing for weekends and to have a good time with friends.
  • It is s non-smoking restaurant where people can even opt for takeaway.
  • There is an option of wheelchairs so that everyone can visit this beautiful place.
  • The Bywater accepts all credit and debit cards, so stay free and enjoy a drink.

Customer’s review

Manresa his very popular in Las Gatos and so is The Bywater. Some local people visit the restaurant, especially at the weekend and their friends to enjoy different varieties of beer and the view. The customer reviews are mostly positive as the food and view are very impressive. People even consider it the best place to hang out.

Customers also love the outdoor sitting of the restaurant where they can enjoy their free time by the riverside. There is no restaurant but a food truck where the dishes are prepared, but the large collection of beers is the centre of attraction. Many customers consider it a surprising gem where they can spend quality time and relax.


What is all about membership?

People visiting The Bywater are required to take the membership of $5. Only 1 person must take it on behalf of the whole group, which is practised because of NC law. It is not a trouble as $5 is a minimal amount.

Why visits The Bywater?

Manresa is one of the best restaurants in California, but it is mainly for dining, which is preferred during weekdays. But The Bywater is different, and people gather to drink and have a weekend party.


So, if you live in Los Gatos and are looking for some space to spend the weekend with friends and beer, The Bywater is the best among all. The sirenic view, drink, delicious dish and the river will make your day and help relax after working for the week.

The restaurant has a large selection for beer lovers and the best dishes to enjoy with it. Live music and open mic night, and riverside make it the best hangout place for all. 

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