The Return Of The 8th Class Magician Novel (Chapter 21, 22) Raw Manga!

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The Return Of The 8th Class Magician Novel

One of the most beautifully written Japanese novel by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka. Readers who are searching for a change and new genre of the book can go ahead and get this book. Although there are many books, readers are sure not to get enough of this novel.


Death’s rebirth into another world full of magic and demons unites a young worker and a mercenary woman. Her bloodline was from Merlin’s, so she absorbed her grandfather’s teachings and turned her into a powerful little mage. Then when Sheen and Merlin reach the age of 15, Merlin realizes that she didn’t teach him common sense!

Diseum, King of the Earlshide Kingdom, recommended that Shin attend his Magic Academy to promise not to use Shin in political wars. A few days later, Shin, who saved Maria and Sisilien from the thugs in the capital, became the founder of the girls’ club consisting of him and several others.

The Return Of The 8th Class Magician Novel
The Return Of The 8th Class Magician Novel


An unemployed man with a salary from Japan gets killed in an accident from a truck, raised and trained by Merlin Ulford, Melida Bowen, and Michelle Collins, who gave him magical and fighting skills, surpassing S rank. In addition, Shin can create or modify magical equipment comparable to National Treasure equipment. Although he grew up in the forest, he lacks social skills and sophisticated understanding.

He was the best rank S mage because he also started his community to explore Supreme Magic. Shin had been in love with Sicily since they first met, and when she became his fiancée, he was overcome with joy. Much like his grandfather, Shin can cast more than one spell without a verbal or somatic component (since he doesn’t like saying his spell names out loud) as well as creating various spells such as gates and warehouses in too much space.

The elements are water and heat, and the most potent weapon is the hydrogen bomb. Magical instruments revolutionized when Shin’s knowledge of science and astronomy was brought to the world from his previous world. During Shin’s summer vacation, his grandparents take part in intensive training with the Ultimate Magic Research Society to prepare for a demonic explosion.

Shin and his grandparents are assigned to a particular unit called the Extreme Magicians, which prevents students from being summoned to war. Shin then opened his mall because of the many (modern) gadgets he had at home. This title didn’t appeal to him because he was a demon lord.

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