The Uncanny Counter Webtoon Review

The uncanny counter review

If you too are spending time watching series and movies on Netflix don’t miss to watch “The uncanny Counter”. This Korean drama is full of excitement and suspense. This k-drama is also known as Amazing Rumour and has gained a good fan following. The first episode was premiered on 28th November 2020 and till today 16 episodes are broadcasted.

The story is all about fantasy, thriller, and mystery that can keep you attached to the drama. One can watch the series on Netflix worldwide, and it is also available on OCN.

The Uncanny Counter Webtoon

What is the story of the series?

The uncanny counter is a story of four demon hunters who are called hunters in the series. These counters have their strength and ability, and it makes the series quite enjoyable. The man aim of counters is to capture all the evil spirits who are on earth for immortal life. Counters are having an everyday life of earth, and so as the day job, they’re running a noodle shop. Their shop is very famous and always a long queue of people who are waiting to get delicious noodles.

Counters are also accomplishing the missions even during their job timing. These counters are working with spirits to fight against evil and help people from their bad deeds. The story play, scenes, characters are interactive, which is one of the reasons that the story has gained a great fan following in a short time. As the series goes on the drama is getting more intense and mysterious that makes their viewers connected to them.

Who are the main characters of the series?

So Moon (Jo Byung-Gyu)

He is the youngest counter who lost his parents in a car accident. He has a crippled leg which was healed once he was elected as the counter. So Moon has a great drawing skill and also have the ability to control the Yungs territory. It is the place where counters can feel their strong power and so having such ability has helped So Moon to save the life of another counter when they are in danger. Wi-gen is the counter partner of So Moon.

Choi Jang-mul (Ahn Suk-hwan)

Choi is the leader of all the counters in Korea. He is the one who is managing all the expenses of the counters and also runs a retail chain that helps to have good earnings.

Ga Mo-tak(Yoo Jun-sang)

He is a former police officer and also knows So Moon’s father, who is currently dead. He lost his memory seven years ago in a car accident, but he was more potent than other counters. So Moon’s meek appearance was not acceptable by him but later on helped So Moon to become a right partner. His counter partner is Kim Gi-ran.

Choo Mae-ok(Yeom Hye-ran)

She is one of the chefs in the noodle shop and also working as an anchor of the counter. She has the unique ability of healing, and her counter partner is Kwon Su-ho.

Do Ha-na(Kim Se-jeong)

She has the unique ability to sense the evil spirits even if they are hundreds of kilometres away from her. Do Ha-na also has the superior power were on touching someone she can read their memory. She can read years ago, memory on touching and no one in the group has such power. All other counters can read short term memory, but she is quite exceptional. Woo-Sik is her counter partner.

What makes this k-drama exceptional?

People are very fascinated by the acting of all the characters and the whole story plot. It keeps them entertaining and also keeps the excitement level high. This thriller series is very different from other drama series, which is also one of the reasons why people love it. The continuing story of the series, along with the characters keeps the excitement level high.

The series is also known for its choreographed martial arts, flying kicks, jumps and much roe that is very new and unique in such series. Watchers are excited to know about the personalities and powers of all the counters as they move on in the drama. The power of saving the world from evil spirits is quite connecting with people and has positive feedback from viewers.

If you too are looking for something fresh and different, the uncanny counter series is best in every manner. There is no usual drama of love and such things as the concept is quite different, and the well-executed story has own hearts of people. Viewers are eagerly waiting in Saturday and Sunday to get new episodes of the series.

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