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Are you here to know about one of the best-known and widely read books of the 1960s? I’m talking about “to kill a mockingbird,” a novel that has been translated into around 40 languages. Many people are interested in reading the novel. If you’re one of them, go through this article as I’ll tell you about its story and how you can download the “to kill a mockingbird pdf.” Ready? 

Let’s start with the download process, and then we will move to its summary.

To Kill A Mockingbird Pdf
To Kill A Mockingbird Pdf

What can you get “to kill a mockingbird pdf?” 

Getting the to kill a mockingbird by harper lee pdf is easy – 

  • Open any search engine. 
  • Type “to kill a mockingbird pdf.”
  • Now, you’ll get a lot of results > go to the website you want to download the pdf from > download it. 

⏩ It is available for free, so you don’t need to pay for it. 

Now, if you aren’t sure whether you should invest your time in this novel, read its summary. If you find it interesting, you can try reading the novel. 

Summary of To kill a mockingbird 

To Kill a Mockingbird is a fictional story in Alabama during the Great depression. The main character in the book is Jean Louise Finch, a girl aged from six to nine in the novel. She is raised with her brother Jem. Their father “Jeremy Atticus“, a lawyer, raised them and taught them, children, to be kind. 

He tells the children that killing a mockingbird is a sin mentioning that birds are innocent. 

The story also talks about Tom Robinson, a Black resident of their town who was falsely accused of raping Mayella. Jeremy Atticus agrees to fight for him despite the threats given by people. He also faces a mob trying to lynch Tom, but he stands by his side. 

Jeremy’s daughter unintentionally diffuses the situation. Although he successfully manages to present a defence that gives a reasonable interpretation of the proof submitted. As per that interpretation, it was Mayella’s father who attacked her and was later killed while trying to escape custody. 

A character in the novel compares his death to the senseless killing of the birds, paralleling Jeremy’s saying about the mockingbird. 

Meanwhile, Jem and Jean play out their drama of prejudice and superstition because they are interested in Mr Radley, one of their neighbours and local legend. They have their ideas about him and trespassed on his property. Their theory develops on dehumanization maintained by their elders. But Jeremy tries to inspire a more sensitive attitude. 

Their Neighbour, Mr Radley, makes his presence felt indirectly to the children. And when Ewell tries to attack the children, he stops him, and during that, Ewell gets killed. But the sheriff didn’t tell anyone that Mr Radley killed him. He finds it better to say that Ewell’s death was an accident. He got killed falling on his knife.  

Jean agrees and decides to do nothing; otherwise, it would be like killing a mockingbird. 

What inspired the writer to write this novel?

It is believed that the writer based Jeremy on her father, a dedicated lawyer. The story was inspired by her father’s unsuccessful defence of the African American people – a father and a son. 

Mr Radley’s character was based on her childhood neighbour, Son Boulware. 

Charles Baker was based on her childhood friend and her counterpart, Truman Capote. 

Summing up…

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the books which got mixed responses. Many people praised it, and many criticized it. So if you wanna read it, don’t get influenced by the responses. If you like its story, you can download its pdf by following the above. I expect you won’t face any problems. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the main message of the book “to kill a mockingbird?” 

The message of the book is the coexistence of good and evil. 

What are the 3 themes of to kill a mockingbird?

The main three themes are – courage, prejudice and family life. 

What are the  4 lessons in to kill a mockingbird?

The lessons this novel teaches are – empathy, don’t torture/kill weak and defenceless people, keep fighting for the right, and the world is unfair. 

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