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Tokcount Com

There are many social media apps other than Facebook and Instagram that has gained tremendous popularity. One such is Tiktok that allow people to make videos and share on the platform. Soon it becomes a success and people starting following videos and Tiktokers. Initially, it started just for entertainment and fun but soon became the source of income for many people. Viewers show appreciation by liking the video, following it or even promoting the video.

But to get top on the list, it is essential to have a good number of followers. This short video app needs to be very impactful to gain followers and liking. Tiktok works on an algorithm where it shows result based on history, and this helps to connect with followers. There are various ways to show how the viewers engaged with viewers, and one of them is real time followers.

What is Tokcount Com?

Every Tiktokers and even viewers keep an eye on follower count. Many times the count of followers might be inaccurate or even get delayed. So, to get real time follower count, it is better to go for Tokcount Com as it gives an accurate count for free. It is one of the best tools to get the count for Tiktok followers, and the best part is followers count is updated after every 2 seconds.

This real courts will help Tiktokers to get the count of followers and even videos. This type of tool is also used by fans to check out the follower count of their favourite influencers. It would indirectly increase their fan following and help to grab attention. This live count is available 24*7 and is very easy to be used by a follower and even Tiktokers.

Tokcount Com
Tokcount Com

Currently, Tokcount Com is giving the real-time count for the top users, but soon it would be available to get a count for all the Tiktokers.

How do the Tokcount Com?

  • First, visit https://Tokcount.Com to get the real count of followers and videos.
  • Next, write the exact name of the Tiktokers followed by “@” for whose count you want to check.
  • Clicking on search will give the count on the number of followers for the particular name you searched in the Tokcount Com.

Pros of Tokcount Com

  • Tiktokers can get a real and accurate count of their followers and thus help to stay updated.
  • It is the tone of the best tool that can make accessible to the camper the popularity of Tiktokers.
  • This live tool can help viewers to check the numen of followers of the particular Tiktokers. 
  • One will find it very easy to use Tokcount Com for getting the count. Moreover, it is free to use so that each can use it just with an internet connection.
  • There is no need to install any software or opt for the register to use the tool.


  1. How Tokcount.Com get real-time followers to count?

There is no public API for Tiktok, and so the developer of Tokcount Com have opted for reverse engineering. The Tiktok PI has the option to get the public count and so by reverse engineering Tokcount Com have also made it possible to obtain the count.

  1. Why followers use Tokcount Com?

One always look out for the follower count to compare among top influencers or Tiktokers. This count will help them to get information, and they too start following the top in the list.

This real-time count is beneficial for Tiktokers and even for followers. It is updated every second and thus gets real numbers which help Tiktokers to know about their popularity and encourage to come up with best videos. Followers who are looking for top contenders can check out popularity by a follower and video count. Only knowing about Tiktokers follower can Gove the real count with the help of Tokcount Com.

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