Tr1lib Org (2022) Get Access And Download Books!

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Tr1lib Org: It’s time when people don’t carry books to read as they can get them on their devices. Yes, many sites allow the option to download books and thus give the freedom to read at any time and place.

One such website that is preferred for scientific, education, and literature books is “tr1lib org“. So, if you too are looking for any academic books but don’t wish to pay for them, even for online access, visit tr1lib org.

This website is accessed mostly in Turkey and mainly for educational textbooks. Let’s check a bit on the site tr1lib org.

What is tr1lib org?

tr1lib org is the website that offers educational books, literature, and even science books for free. There are many sites in the market that offers eBook, while most of them are paid.

So, to make the difference, tr1lib org is not charging anything and offering ebooks for free. The site comes up with pirated content and earns from Ads. It is part of the Z-library project, which is quite famous for ebooks.

Tr1lib Org
Tr1lib Org

People, when lookout for, it gets redirected to 1lib. These all websites are known to offer eBooks but need to keep changing domain. People in Turkey who need free books prefer tr1lib org for free books.

The site receives a daily visit and shows that people are looking for it. It is a user-friendly site that makes it easy to get an eBook without a subscription or cost.


  • tr1lib org gives an option to get eBooks on education, literature, friction, and much more for free.
  • The site gets redirected to the Z-library, where they can find books and even have a search option to enter the name and look out for it.
  • It is easy to download a book as clicking any of the books will give the option to review it or download it in any preferred size.
  • There is an option to search based on phrases, keywords, or even exact names. So, the book can be searched even if someone doesn’t know the name.
  • The site is designed such that books are divided into categories. One can enter the language, year, and even extension to make the search easy.


  • It is pirated site, and so the domain keeps on changing.
  • The site gets redirected to other sites, making it difficult to trust.
  • Alexa ranking is not so good and has moderate visitors daily.


What is the ranking and reach of tr1lib org?

The global ranking of tr1lib org does not have a good Alexa ranking, but the country ranking is average. The site is reaching nearly 1000 users every day, which is not bad but not good. So, try out at your own risk.

How does the site generate revenue?

Textbooks are free at tr1lib org, and they generate revenue from the ads. Yes, the site has many ads and even loses revenue because of AdBlock. Thus, users can get eBooks for free, but the site is making money.


The site tr1lib org is mostly accessed in Turkey as people can get their preferred eBooks for free. People are visiting the site, but it has pirated books, so one must access it at their own risk.

Mostly all types of textbooks are available at tr1lib org for free, so people who cannot spend money can try them out.

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