Trollge Conventions Trello, Script, Weeping Cup, Wiki, Tier List & Discord!

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Trollge Conventions Trello
Trollge Conventions Trello

Trollge Conventions Trello: Games are always fun, no matter whether you are playing an adventure game or a horror game.

There are wide varieties of games in the market that keep you entertained. Trollge is trending, and people are looking out for the “Trollge Universe Incident Wiki” to get a clear idea.

If you, too, are the one who is willing to enter the Trollge world and get to know them more, it is the right place. Let’s get into detail regarding Trollge conventions in Trello and know about some important things.

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How to play the game?

The whole game is about playing with Trollge, so players need to find chests. It is the main way to get varieties of Trollge and other items like cups.

The game has different craft items, which are equally important, as players need to craft orbs with them and get items from the chest. There is also an option to upgrade Trollge and get more powers.

There are different chest types, some of which are quite rare. Players must find other Trollge to get the chest and build a powerful team. The cups are in different chests, so each is important for players.

The game is interesting because of Trollge and their rarities. If you, too, are looking for something new and exciting, try playing this game.

The game has a massive fan following, and players love the way Trollge plays the game. Graphics and gaming make it different from other games.

What does the chest do in the game?

The chest is an important part of the game as it is the place from where players can get Trollge in the game. But other than this, there are many other items in the box. So, let’s check more about the chest:

  • It is the main way that helps players to get Trollge.
  • The chest has many other items like a blood cup, oil cup, paper, king’s arm, cursed orb, and even a holy orb.
  • There are approx. 5 types, so the chest and all are different from each other.
  • It also has variations in Trollge, so look out for the one that has a powerful one.


Which is a different type of chest?

There are, in total, 4 types of chests in the game, which include normal, dark, light, and skin impossible. The chest spawn also varies, and lucky players can get what they need in the game.

When is the highest chance so chest spawn?

Players who don’t know when the chest spawn must have a look at the map. Yes, if white bangs surround the map, there are chances of spawn, and it can even be in large numbers. 


The game is fun to play as Trollge are very different and keep you intact. The variations in Trollge make players fight the game and use skills to survive.

Moreover, the chest is the only way that helps players to get troll coins which will further be used in the game. So, be attentive and try to get as many Trollge in the game.

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