Turno Banco Macro Posadas Online Whyline & Jujuy 2023!

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Turno Banco Macro: On this occasion, we bring you information on how to withdraw, modify or cancel a Banco Makro transfer, the procedures you can carry out from home, and addition, and we will also talk about turbo banko makro and all the means with which you can do it. Communicate with the bank. We invite you to continue reading to dispel all your doubts!

Turno Banco Macro
Turno Banco Macro

For which procedure do I need to make an appointment?

As in almost all banks, it is recommended to make an appointment beforehand to be able to do your steps much more quickly. Now the trick is specifically to do the following:

  • Ask for a loan.
  • Renew your DDC.
  • Possibility of access to safes.
  • Submit documentation.
  • To invest.
  • And any other operation carried out with accounts of natural or legal persons.

Can I attract attention near the checkout?

If, on the other hand, you want to be collected from the cash register, you can request the appointment online in advance. However, the operation you are about to perform must be within the following options:

  • Withdrawal or deposit in foreign currency.
  • Make a withdrawal of more than $100,000
  • Pay the loans with cash.

What procedures can I carry out online?

Fortunately, there are many procedures that you can now carry out from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, such as:

  • Check the status of all your accounts and your balance, as well as your credit cards, loans, and fixed terms.
  • Pay for services, top up, and transfer money to other people.
  • You can also buy and sell dollars and organize your finances.
  • Call to request shifts at turno banco frances.

If you have problems with your internet, don’t worry, you can also request an appointment by calling 0810 555 2355.

Can I make an appointment through the Whats app?

eMe is banco macro turnos virtual assistant and you can contact him, via WhatsApp at 5411 3422 8223, for questions about shifts or other operations, but you won’t be able to ask them directly there.

How to get an online shift at Banco Macro?

Whether for Banco del Tucumán or any branch of turno banco nacion Makro, the steps to follow to get an appointment online are:

1) Enter the “Online Pinball“.

2) Fill in the form with your data (ID, name, surname or CUIT, post office or telephone, and branch you wish to visit).

3) Choose the day and equipment and the reason for your visit.

4) You will receive an email or SMS with the information about your tour. Present a screenshot or your ID to the agency on the day of your visit.

How to take a shift at turno banco provincia by location?

Below we explain how to book an appointment online for any bank branch and anywhere. If you would like to make an appointment at the following locations, leave us your telephone numbers, locations, and times:

How to find a nearby bank macro branch?

What is the name of Banco Macro in Tucumán?

In 2006, turno banco ciudad acquired Banco del Tucumán and merged with it in 2019, leaving the second name for this province.

Telephones and branches of Banco Tucumán

You can also make an appointment or consult 0810 Banco Macro or WhatsApp number +54 9 11 2040 1142, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 20 o’clock

To see the branches, we recommend entering the “Branches” link of the bank and selecting the province of Tucumán.

Can I perform turns from the Macro app?

From the Makro app, there is no direct option to request an appointment, but you will need the Whyline app, for which we will give you the download links and a video instruction manual for using it.

Download Whyline for Android

Download Whyline for IOS

How many laps can we do per person?

You can only take one lap per person.

How do I communicate online with Banco Macro?

If you wish to communicate with the online bank, you can do so through its digital channels:


Where are Banco Makro branches located?

The bank has branches throughout the Argentine Republic.

To find your nearest headquarters, you can enter the official link and:

  1. Select the province from the drop-down list
  2. Then select the location
  3. You can enter the branch number if you remember it.
  4. You can filter by type of branch between:
  5. Selectcenterss
  6. security boxes
  7. Specialized centers for companies
  8. Specialized centers for retirees
  9. Below you will see the results where they are detailed:
  10. Branch Number
  11. Direction
  12. Calendar
  13. Postal code

How can I manage my telephone service code at Banco Macro?

If you have any questions, you can call by phone, but for this, you need your “telephone service code“, which you can create through online banking or the app.

  • Enter your username and password
  • You can also generate it with your debit card at a Banelco ATM.
  • If you wish to do so through Facebook or Instagram, the bank will request additional information.

Cancel, change, or modify my Swift for Banco Macro

If you cannot attend the shift you have selected, you can cancel or modify it as follows:

1) Go to “Online Turner” and choose to unsubscribe from the tour.

2) You can also request a cancellation by chatting with eMe or from the Whyline app.

How do I check my turn for the macro?

To check your shift, enter “Online Shifts” with your ID and CUIT or first and last name, and the receipt will be emailed or phoned to you.

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