Visaprepaidprocessing Bank Of America Edd Login – Legit Or Not?

Visaprepaidprocessing Bank Of America

bankofamerica/eddcard -Today there are different types of cards that the bank issues to make life easy. Everyone might have heard about Bank of America that issues EDD cards, but now the bank has changed its URL and transferred to “” The website’s features are the same, but only URL has been changed, so all the users are required to visit the new URL.

Bank of America is known for the prepaid cards as it helps customers to limit their expenses. These prepaid cards are similar to debit and credit cards but are pre-loaded, and so one can use them according to the balance available. The visaprepaidprocessing comes with all the options like activating the card, check the balance, and much more.

So, all the Bank of America customers can access the website through and get all the required information.

What are EDD cards?

The Employment Development Department Debit Card (EDD) by Bank of America helps people with payments against unemployment insurance; paid family leave, and much more. The best part is a transaction through an EDD card is private, and no one can check your transactions. Employees are allowed to spend based on the money added by their sponsor.

Visaprepaidprocessing Bank Of America
Visaprepaidprocessing Bank Of America

Thus, it restricts overspending and, at the same time, helps to get rid of carrying cash. All the employees who qualify under EDD can get prepaid cards to shop online and even withdraw money from the bank.

These EDD cards are allotted to a single account and can be used in stores for shopping where Visa debit cards are accepted. The card’s main aim is to help applicants get financial benefits and help make life easy. Money is the EDD card is deposited by the respective authority and no one else is allowed to refill the card.

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What makes EDD cards different from other cards?

Many people think that EDD card or prepaid cards are same as regular debit cards, but it is not the same. So, let’s check it out:

  • The EDD card helps employers against their family paid leave, disability insurance and allows unemployment insurance. The whole process is carried out by the prepaid visa card issued by the authorities to the employees. 
  • These cards are convenient to use and more secure as compared to other cards. Bank of America issues EDD cards under rules and regulations, and so it is considered safe.
  • One who has a bad credit check is not eligible for any bank cards. But it is not applicable with EDD cards. Yes, there is no monitoring to get the EDD debit cards, so one with a bad credit score can also benefit.

Pros of EDD card

  • EDD debit card works like other cards sent to the issuer, and they can use for their expenses.
  • This card can be used to pay the bills and even opt for online shopping where Visa cards are accepted.
  • It is also possible to withdraw cash at the ATM through an EDD card. SO, if you are running out of money, check out the ATM and withdraw money.
  • The card is beneficial against unemployment and disability insurance. It is also possible to transfer all the money from the EDD card to your preferred saving account.


Is an EDD card the same as a debit card?

No, an EDD card is different from a debit card as the sponsor deposits the money in the card and can use it to carry their expenses. These cards come with the validity of three years, and so whoever is eligible for them can get benefits by EDD.

What will happen if the card is lost?

There are chances that the card gets lost in such a situation, customers must immediately contact the customer support team and block it. It will also help to initiate a refund for the transaction not done by you.

What is the use of EDD cards?

The EDD cards are similar to debit cards, where the balance is already loaded in the card. These cards help withdraw money at the bank and even be used at the shop where Visa cards are accepted. So, no need to carry cash as an EDD debit card can help carry out transactions with ease.
So, all the ones who have prepaid cards or EDD must visit for services. The URL has changed, but one can get all the required information at the given site. Moreover, the Bank of America has also launched a mobile app that will also help to check out the transaction history, deposits, withdrawals, and much more. People who face any issue with prepaid visa cards can contact the customer care team to resolve their issues.

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