Walang Sugat Script, Summary, Analysis, Characters & Story 2022!

Walang Sugat Script
Walang Sugat Script

Walang Sugat Script: Walang Sugat is an 1898 Tagalog language zarzuela, a Spanish lyric-dramatic style that consists of track, singing, and poetry written via way of means of Filipino playwright Severino Reyes.

The track for the authentic model of the play changed into written via way of means of Filipino composer Fulgencio Tolentino Walang Sugat changed into written.

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Critics Overview

Although Walang Sugat or walang batas as sugar is one of the essential and greater famous zarzuelas within the Philippines, it changed into one of the performs considered “too subversive” via means of the American colonial authorities, and its writer Reyes changed imprisoned.

An ordinary and conventional Filipino Carswell or Carswell, it portrays the dilemmas of home lifestyles via dialogue, song, and dance.

Plot If The Walang Sugat Script

During the Second World War, the National Library of the Philippines, homes to the authentic manuscripts for the track and libretto, changed into destroyed via a bombing at some point during the Liberation of Manila.

As a result, the original track no longer existed during the war because it changed by no means posted, unlike Reyes’s libretto.

The track changed into later reconstructed via way of means of a group led by way of means of Dr. Herminio Velarde Jr. in 1971 via way of undertaking interviews with folks who noticed the original productions.

Separated from the political compositions, Walang Sugat is similarly a love tale. Towards the end of the Philippine Issue, Tenyong vacates Julia to prove to be a constituent of the Katipunan.

In his absence, Julia is constantly forced via means of Miguel, who’s portrayed as an American, which she succumbs to when she stops receiving information from Tenyong.

As Julia & Miguel exiting wed, Tenyong reaches to smash the assistance and loses her life from casualties maintained in the fighting. Tanjong mentions his loss of life desire to Julia.

However, the play capabilities a “surprising twist” that indicates how Tenyong can outwit the individuals setting him apart from Julia, the affection of his lifestyle.


Pilipino opened up its twenty-sixth series with Walang Sugat at Tanghalang Aurelio, The famous Show. It changed, directed by Carlos Siguion-Reyna, making this his degree directorial debut.

The 1957 model changed into production via LVN Pictures, below the course of Lamberto V. Avellana. Among the Filipino actors who participated withinside the 1957 movie version covered Rosa Aguirre, Tony Dantes, Oscar Keesee, Charito Solis, and José Vergara.


What is Walang Sugat?

It is one of the top well-known and widely-known Spanish Love stories.

Is there any movie On the Love story?

Yes, there’s a film about the widely known love story.

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