Wattpad My Lecturer My Husband Pdf (Cerita Novel)

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which one can choose based on their interest. But if you are looking for some humour, love, marriage life, and much more, go for “My Lecturer My Husband.”

Gitlicious wrote the novel, and this is his first novel. The characters, the storyline keeps readers engaged till the end. This story is mainly for teenagers and adults as it can show them the future of arranged marriage life. Millions of readers have read this novel and are very happy to read it. Positive feedback and reviews are also reasons that this novel has been read more than 4 million times on WatttPad.

Wattpad My Lecturer My Husband Pdf

What is the story of My Lecturer My Husband?

The story is all about two main characters Inggit Almira Arundhati and Arya, who were not on good terms, but destiny has something different for them. Inggit is a frank speaking girl who have many friends and even a boyfriend. Arya is a rigid and assertive outspoken lecturer on her campus, and they both are not on good terms. There was some grade improvement issue between Inggit and Arya, and it created a rift.

Inggit, when she returned to her home for semester breaks, her father was sick, and his wish was to see her daughter married. Inggit, who already had a boyfriend, agreed to her parents to arrange marriage. But destiny has some different plan, and her father has selected Arya as his future husband. The conflicts made both of their lives quite miserable and created many obstacles. 

Inggit has told Arya that his life would be complicated after her grade incident, but she was unaware that she would do it in such a manner. But as both started their marriage life, their conflicts made them close to each other. Inggit was also required to choose between her boyfriend and husband, which was very difficult till she got a black legend book. This book belongs to Arya and shows the real personality of him. Reading the book Inggit got a different perspective for Arya, the caring, loving, and understanding husband.

It makes the love story very interesting, and readers would really enjoy seeing the turning point of their life.

Why must one read the book?

We all might have heard people saying that words are prayers and so we must use them wisely. This novel shows that Inggit has cursed his stiff lecturer Arya that his life would be miserable. But she was unknown that destiny had made her life also difficult as both got married in the future. The story shows many obstacles in their marriage life, but it gets good as everything moves on.

Thus the story shows us our real life that whatever comes in our way, it’s us to tackle in the right way. The characters in the novel and the feelings conveyed by them can really touch our hearts. The dialogues delivery and the whole storyline can keep one engaged. There is much suspense that would be revealed as you move ahead in the story.

In all, the novel is funny and romantic and would really beloved by teenagers. All its readers can feel the emotions of the story. The story is written in straightforward language and thus can connect with us with ease. The whole concept of the story is for fun and shows how life changes after marriage. So, don’t miss the chance to dive into such a wonderful romantic story.

How to get the novel?

Today, there is also a series based on this novel that has premiered in December. One can enjoy the beautiful story through series, or else there are other options.

One who wishes to get a novel downloaded on their device visit https://www.wts.pw/full/?api=22f77fb03a7341c0b8ce34b2c8166e749405c784&url=aHR0cHM6Ly9kcml2ZS5nb29nbGUuY29tL3VjP2V4cG9ydD1kb3dubG9hZCZpZD0xRFU1Qy1xODJxcVJWSWZ1aE40cWYyd0RodjdUOGR1ME0=&type=2  to download the book. It will give you the flexibility to read books at your own timing from the device on which you have downloaded them.

If you are not willing to download the book, just read it online through https://www.wts.pw/full/?api=22f77fb03a7341c0b8ce34b2c8166e749405c784&url=aHR0cHM6Ly9kcml2ZS5nb29nbGUuY29tL2ZpbGUvZC8xRFU1Qy1xODJxcVJWSWZ1aE40cWYyd0RodjdUOGR1ME0vcHJldmlldw==&type=2.

The novel has the real-life lessons that have been faced by a couple in their marriage life. We always complain to God, but whatever happens in our life in the Destiny. We all have to stay positive and hard work to achieve something in our life. The story shows how a bitter relationship turned out to be a beautiful love story, and this is actually what happens in real life. If you too love to read the romantic novel with good humour and fun, this is best for you.

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