Web Clmm 1k: What is 1k momo parity (clmm 1k)?

Web Clmm 1k
Web Clmm 1k

Web Clmm 1k – currently belongs to the type of betting game and is currently quite popular among young people today because of its transparency and ripeness.

Play parity on momo (clmm1k) As a mini-game based on momo’s transaction code, the player will transfer money to the house, along with the prediction of momo’s transaction code.

You will have the options of even or odd (C – L), over or under (T – X) to fill in the content when transferring.

If correct, the player will receive 1.9 ~ 2.3 times the bet from the house, and pay the reward after about 30 seconds. If you guess wrong, you will lose your bet.

A few brief notes about Momo 1k Parity (clmm1k) that you need to know:

  • Normal number: is the number displayed on the web, Each momo will have 180 payouts and 40 million/1 day . When you reach the level of the day, choose another number to trade!
  • Normal number: When you play, please go to the wedbsite to get a new number to play to avoid the situation that the number is turned off and the code is not updated to pay the reward.
  • Active number : The number is still on the web but this transaction is laggy, please Contact ADMIN at Support Telegram
  • Refund is too long: Encourage you to play when you have any problem with payment please: Contact ADMIN (Note: Currently momo has fixed only money transfer under 5,000 VND will not follow the message, so the web does not work. So you can check.So please trade above 5,100 VND.)

Strengths and benefits when you play MoMo Parity:

  • Is a mini game with extremely simple gameplay, easy to understand, earn millions every day
  • Don’t waste time thinking and calculating
  • Is the greenest game in the betting games, predicting numbers
  • Can play anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a momo account, you can play the video below the screen

Cons of the game Web Clmm 1k (clmm 1k):

  • When playing it will bring positive and negative sides for players, when playing, players will sometimes win and lose, so have fun.
  • This game is a game of chance, it belongs to luck so players can’t see the results before playing
  • Many fraudulent websites create but do not reward players.

Instructions to play parity and fainting with Momo account:

  • Step 1: You visit the homepage of the website, right below the logo there are game genres e “Odd“, “Over and under“, “Even and odd & faint 2 (CLTX-2)”, “Fold 3“, “Difference 3 5 7”,“Total 3 numbers”, “1 part 3”, please click 1 of those games to play, for example, Parity.
  • Step 2: After clicking on the parity game, below will display instructions for playing and numbers to receive bets. You choose to copy 1 momo any of those numbers, and notice right next to those numbers are written the minimum bet and the maximum bet that you can bet. As currently, for momo parity , the Minimum bet is 5,100 VND and the Maximum bet is 100,000 VND.
  • Step 3: After copying the phone number, you should carefully review the transfer content equivalent to your choice and prediction for the last number of the transaction code.

For example: You predict the last number of momo transaction code will likely be an odd number, If you choose (L), then copy any phone number in the phone number above and then go to the money transfer section on momo, you want to bet 20k on the transfer content.

The account you type the letter L and press transfer. After the transfer is complete, you should see what is the transaction code of the transfer bill, the last number of that transaction code is even or odd, for example, it is the number 3, it is odd, if you choose L, then wait about 30 seconds.

The system side will automatically transfer back with the amount of 10k x 2,2 = 22,000 VND, If the last digit of the transaction code k returns as you think, you lose that bet.

In addition, the web has many other mini-games of clmm1k.top , you can play directly on the web. This is the most prestigious momo parity website currently

Some necessary notes when playing Web Clmm 1k (clmm 1k):

  • The number of MoMo receiving money is regularly updated, so before playing, go to the website to get the correct number, to avoid the wrong bank.
  • The “Parent” mode does not count the ending numbers 0 and 9. If you want to have both, you can choose to play through the “Pair 2” mode.
  • Mode “Over and under” does not count the number of tails 0 and 9. If you want to have both, you choose to go through the “Over and under 2” mode to play.
  • If you win, please wait for 30-40 seconds, the system will automatically transfer the reward to you.

Conclusion :

Message: Web Clmm 1k is a very popular money-making game today, it makes money very easily and also loses money very quickly.

When you play, you should play slowly and calmly, maybe you play from small to large is the optimal method to avoid losing otherwise you will have a lot of luck and eat a lot, 1 Again website wishes you all when playing eat a lot of money and have fun!!!


Welcome to clmm1k.top ‘s No.1 MoMo Retailer in Vietnam

The system is working normally

Have fun playing the game 😍

  • Before playing, please go to the website to get the number, check Momo’s status at the bottom of the web ❤️‍🔥
  • Wrong bank orders MOMO, CONTENTS, LIMITS. Please contact admin for a refund ❤️
  • If the money takes too long, you can use the function to check the transaction code below to see the status of the application before reporting to the admin.
  • Please go to the Telegram chat box below to receive the earliest updates from the ad ❤


  1. The system does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters. Award 5s.
  2. Wrong limit transfer,  wrong content, off number.  Please contact admin for a refund.
  3. If the money returns too long, please use the function ” CHECK TRANSACTION CODE”  to view the status of the application before reporting to admin. 
  4. Before playing, go to the website to get a number to avoid the situation that the number is turned off will not be counted, Each number on the system can only trade up to  25 million or  185  times, it will automatically change another number.
  5. When the system pays the reward,  remember to read the text of the message to receive money,  because there may be a message that the number is about to be turned off.

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