What Should You Do If You Are Traveling With Chronic Pain?

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Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain

Are you planning to go on a vacation alone or with your family? However, those suffering from chronic pain do not have to miss out on all the fun and sit at home. You can still enjoy a vacation and prevent the occurrence of pain exacerbations while traveling.

  • Do not forget to carry your medicines on the trip

You should carry your medicines and prescriptions on the trip if you need to consult a doctor. Wear clothes that are comfortable and permit blood circulation throughout the body. The same also holds for shoes.

If you wear orthopedic belts or pads to protect knees or elbows, remember to put them on as per your doctor’s instructions.

  • Take breaks to rest

Experts from QC Kinetix (Plano) recommend you take breaks for rest while you are traveling. Simple tasks like sitting upright, placing your knees higher than your hips, using a rolled towel to support the lumbar arch, and being careful with movement help you to control chronic body pain naturally. Ice is your best friend when traveling by car, so pack a cooler with ice packs for the trip. For long drives, swapping out these ice packs becomes a breeze.

  • Plan your stops

You should check out the stops on the journey before you leave home. It would help if you stretched your legs when you stop at gas stations and stick to a schedule for rest instead of pushing hard to reach the next destination. If you sit in the car for extended periods, you risk inviting chronic pain that will nag you for the rest of your journey until you reach your final destination.

  • Check with the hotel in advance about the mattress you will sleep on

If a soft mattress causes your chronic pain, contact your hotel in advance. Several credible hotels place boards under mattresses to make them firmer. Almost every hotel has a fitness facility, so walking on the treadmill will loosen the arthritic joints.

  • Trains are the best for traveling and preventing chronic neck and back pain

You should travel by train if you suffer from chronic neck or back pain. You can sit, walk, or even rest in the lounge. This way, you can prevent straining your neck, as you do not have to look after your shoulder or worry about being alert on the road. If you need to travel by car, ask someone to drive you instead.

  • How can you manage headaches on the trip?

If you are prone to headaches, remember to pull down the window shade of the car and always wear your sunglasses. Check the air conditioner before the trip, as the outside air entering your cabin contains a fungus that leads to headaches.

Last but not least, ride in the front seat of the car or vehicle while traveling. If you are driving, make sure that the car seat is upright, as this will put less strain on your neck muscles. Proper planning will help you a lot.

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