Who Is The Most Blocked Person On Twitter?

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The era of social media has taken a significant form in our times, and Twitter is one of these flourishing social media platforms. It is a place where people share their opinion and views, but sometimes they block another user for some specific reason. This article will tell you about the Most Blocked Person on Twitter who has achieved status on Twitter.

Most Blocked Person On Twitter
Most Blocked Person On Twitter

Who is the Most Blocked Person On Twitter?

Blocking individuals on social media is common, but one user has outdone himself. He is none other than Michelangelo, recognized as the ‘Most Blockable Man.’ Michelangelo is a businessman, author, and novelist who has expressed his thoughts through Twitter. However, due to his challenging opinions and loneliness, he has lost many users who disagreed.

Information about Michel Angelo

Michel Angelo is a businessman, author, and novelist who has expressed his views extensively on social media. He has written many bestselling books, and his works are based on various issues of society, sociology, religiosity, and self-creation.

Michel Angelo’s thoughts and opinions usually touch upon social and political controversies. His approach and mindset don’t mesh with many, which has resulted in many users blocking him on Twitter.

The main reason for blocking their Twitter account is their loneliness and the fact that they can disagree with others’ conversations despite their different opinions. Users opposed to his views block him instead of disagreeing with him, removing his views from his Twitter timeline.

This is an example that social media needs ideas, but when they, unfortunately, affect mutual goodwill, people do not consider them necessary and block them.

Why do people get blocked on Twitter?

There can be many reasons for blocking users on Twitter. Following are some of the main reasons why a user may block another user on Twitter:

Disagreement or Dispute: If two users disagree on an issue and have conflicting views, they can block each other so that they can stay away from each other’s Tweets and Twitter conversations.

Obscenity or Attack: If a user uses obscene, abusive, offensive, or abusive language, other users can block them to protect them from such attacks.

Spam and Fraud: If a user’s account is used for spam, fake information, or other inappropriate activities, other users may block them.

Bad or arrogant language from persistent followers: Often, a prominent user’s followers will include some people who interact with lousy language or in an arrogant manner, which can irritate other users and make them feel the need to block them.

Privacy or Security Concerns: Many times, users may block another user to protect their personal information to keep their information safe.

The Pros of Being Blocked on Twitter

Privacy and security: Users on Twitter can block other users to protect their personal information, keeping their information safe.

Obscenity and Invasion Avoidance: Blocking users can avoid obscenity, profanity, or offensive language or content and make their Twitter experience positive.

Benefits to spam: Blocking users can prevent spam from promoting unsolicited or incorrect questions.

Social self-defense: When two users disagree on an issue, and a dispute occurs, block users can avoid disseminating unwanted information and maintain their social self-defense.

Cons of being blocked on Twitter

Lack of opposition: Block users may lose the opportunity to interact with views that disagree with their viewpoints and opinions, thereby denying them the opportunity to expand and understand their views.

Lack of social need: Blocking a user can alienate those who may have had the opportunity to engage socially.

Restrictions on freedom of thought: Instead of blocking, there should be an opportunity to exchange views with different views and opinions to promote social harmony and freedom of thought.

Lack of social support: Blocking can keep users away from people from whom they can get social or professional support.


1. How many people has Michelangelo blocked?

So far, Michelangelo has blocked over 3 million Twitter users.

2. Has Michelangelo ever unblocked anyone?

Yes, some time ago, Michelangelo unblocked some users but carefully monitored his block list.

3. What is the reason they have blocked so many people?

Michelangelo’s views and opinions often differed from common thinking, which may cause some people to disagree. Conversations with those who characterize their kind and oppose their views can become permanent, so they have blocked them.


Twitter is a medium that requires individual views, but when these views become excessive, it can be a sign of dissent. An example of this type of antisemitism is Michelangelo’s block list, as he is the Most Blocked Person on Twitter and where he blocks users who disagree with his views. This shows that support and consent are essential to satisfaction in exchanging ideas on social media.

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