Woman Got Arrested For Clash With Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead!

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The Charming Brooklyn Lamer Whitehead told us that he thought and the NYPD also had faith that he staged the armed robbery in which he had more than $1.2 million in jewelry. Swiped at the time of live streamed sermon on Monday.

Whitehead claimed this in a press conference on 18th September after another live streamed event in which he fought with a woman who suddenly crushed his services. In the press conference, he later said that NYPD does not feel I was robbed.

After it, he declared that whoever giant gold and diamond chain, Fendi emblazoned sweater, ruby ring, fendy shoes, etc., as he one was ruled up to the pressure Whitehead’s 69 precincts in white.

Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead
Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead

After it, he mentioned that he had faded from carrying out this robbery. He listens to this information from NYPD, but he does not disclose any name.

And he promised that the criminals wouldn’t get away with it. Regarding this incident, police are still probably, but no suspects have been named or arrested till now. The moment before, several black-clad gunmen entered a Brooklyn Church.

And also, it is not clear how many individuals were attending the church during the service. Later Mr whitehead said on Instagram that when I noticed them arriving into the sanctuary with firearms, I told everyone to get down; everybody got down.

But it is not the first time the bishop has gained the LimeLight; before it, the bishop has been in the news regarding robbery. Just before 2 months, he allegedly tried to negotiate the surrender of a suspect who shot and killed a man on a Manhattan-bound Subway train.

However, the latest event has prompted a stream of criticism on social media about his fabulous taste and lavish lifestyle.

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