Woman Jumps Off Carnival Cruise Ship Found Update!

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Woman Jumps Off Carnival Cruise Ship Found

Woman Jumps Off Carnival Cruise Ship Found: Again after all these years, the overall security check in the cruises came under question. We all have witnessed the shocking video where a woman fell from a cruise.

And minutes before this incident took place a shocking video came that asked a lot of questions on whether or not cruises are actually safe for people to travel.

The kind of expenses cruise rides consume is huge, despite the fact that a very lesser amount of security is given to the travelers. A 32-year-old American African woman fell off from the famously known cruise Valor Ship to the Gulf Of Mexico.

The woman remains unidentified, but this situation happened when the cruise was already 150 meters off the coast of South West Pass, Louisiana. According to the passengers, this woman was actually very frantic before she committed something like this.

Woman Jumps Off Carnival Cruise Ship Found
Woman Jumps Off Carnival Cruise Ship Found

She was already having some issues in her hot tub that made her so disturbed that by going on with this she jumped from the 10th floor of the cruise.

In the defense the cruise authority had also said that around 3-4 men were holding her from behind. But despite that things have escalated and something grave like this happened. Earlier reports suggest that she was initially handcuffed, but in the video, nothing of that sort came up. But previous reports suggested that only.

Though the video does not entirely show that the woman is jumping, before doing such a thing it has been seen that the woman was shouting with the name of Alicia.

Passengers claimed that it was again related to the hot tub thing that was located in the inside premise of the cruise. It was also a horrifying thing for the passengers that they did not even have a clue who that woman was, but the result created a big impact on them and made them rethink about the security thing of cruises.

Immediately somebody was sent from the crew to save that woman, but instantly they got no sign of her. But later on, things gave way and the cruise investigated in water for around two hours but again no sign of her could be found. 

It later also came out that the entire cruise company had tried helping the guest and her family, financial help is also another significant thing that came as a rescue. However, after 14 hours of searching, no sign was found.


The conclusion that people are making is that the woman was not mentally sound, and things were not good with her. She was herself struggling with certain things, and considering her nationality a lot of people are assuming things, which are not good at all for the sake of investigation of the ongoing case. But again one thing that can not go missed  and unheard of is that the cruise security is again at stake, here the presence of water is again making things riskier, and it is equally fearful for the people who are travelling. This incident needs to be sorted properly according to many reports.

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