Tenzin Norbu Woman Set On Fire TTC (Toronto) Kipling Station!

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Woman Set On Fire TTC

Woman Set On Fire TTC: On Friday, on a TTC bus, a man was in the remand prison after a woman was set on fire. According to the police officers, it was a random attack.

They say that they were called to Kipling station near Kipling Avenue and Dundas Street at approximately 12:30 p.m. after gaining information about a man sorting with a woman nearby. And according to Toronto Police const.

Alex li mentioned that this same person was supposed to be guilty. TTC staff, as well as nearby civilians, helped the injured person, and she was rust to the hospital in an emergency with a serious condition related to burns.

And according to the police report, the injured d person was around 20 years old, and she is tolerating second or third-degree burns.

About this incidence

A man dared to pour the liquid on the women, and because of it, the women were led to set on fire. And that sudden attack was held on the Toronto bus.

And the police recognized that this incident came in the category of an isolated incident because, according to Li, there was a conversation between the man and the woman before the incident. And the primary investigators have faith that it was a random attack.

Further, they said that they were not confirming the relationship between the man and woman and that the suspected person was present in the custody of the police.

TTC CEO Risk Leary describes that CP 24 on Friday afternoon attack happened on a bus, not at the track level. The Kipling Islington was suspended on the service line while the police operated their investigation.

And the TTC staff that reacted to this incident wrote to them and could help the police catch the suspected person. Later said, described in the previous statement, Leary told them that he was shocked by the attack at the Kipling station.

And he also said that their condolence is with the victim and their family for his full recovery, and later, he describes that he was much aware of these types of incidents, and because of this, they want to share that they are there concerned with the victim.

Safety is the priority in all we do, and I am committed to ensuring PTC remains as safe as possible. And Later, Leary said that TTC is succeeded in providing the best facility for more than 1000 million people without any incidents, so they can’t and don’t believe it.

And in April, police announced that they would increase their visibility at the TTC after several violent and disturbing incidents, like when a woman was pushed intentionally onto the track when the train was approaching.

Still, somehow that woman was managed even though she was suffering from a broken rib, under the lips of the platform did not take proper care about the coming trains.

And because of this incident, women who want to file a suit against TTC for dear negligence are going that they did not implement proper safety protocols on the metro platform.

And in this situation, it is defending by saying that the victim selected to stand close to the edge offer stage. Because of her mistake and negligence, she suffered from that incident due to her failure to pay proper attention.

And from then, Toronto police has reported several other cases on the transit system like the case related to assault, stabbing, robbery, etc. And because that woman was set on fire, several people posted on social media to thank the Toronto mayor John Tory and TTC staff members for helping the victim alongside special constables, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

And they are also praying for that woman for their instant recovery because it is a shocking incident that would happen anywhere in the City.

TTC CEO and police chief assured that they took proper care of the investigation and tried not to leave any stone unturned to investigate related to this case.

Frequently asked questions –

1. From where did this incident take place?

Ans. On the Toronto bus, this incident happened.

2. Is a real attacker suspected or not?

And. No, the police doubt a 35-year-old man, and at present, that person is in the custody of the police.


It is a very sad incident because a woman lit a fire, and at present, she is stuck between life and death. Through social media, she gained prayer for their recovery.

Also, the suspect was in the police study, and the police officer assured her that she had succeeded in solving the case as much as possible.

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