Wrapup Playstation Com: How To Check Your PlayStation Wrap Up 2022?

Wrapup Playstation Com
Wrapup Playstation Com

Wrapup Playstation Com: With the upcoming games in the year 2022, it has become very exciting to watch the invention of games that are more real and just too good to handle.

Gamers across the world are waiting for more exciting games on the internet. With the upcoming of new games in the era with lots of new adventures, where there are new lands to explore, and of course many friends to meet, everything is just mind-blowing.

As we are at the end of the year 2022, and when we just look back at the year. Similarly, the play stations allow gamers to get into their accounts and then get a full view of whatever they have played this year 2022.

Also, they get to see or check the gaming play time and accomplishments over the last 12 months.

PlayStation has reported that gamers can check and log in to the details of the game from today until January 13, 2023, and get all the details to check out their PlayStation stats.

The Wrapup Playstation Com will include details of the number of earned trophies, the total number of games played, the total hours spent on the PS4 and PS5 games, and also the total number of PlayStation Plus monthly games downloaded.

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How can we find our Wrap-up PS?

You will just need to follow some of the simple steps that will help you find your wrap-up. Well, it is quite simple to find or access your PlayStation Wrap-Up.

All you need to have is your PS Sign-In ID which is your email address and password.

What are the steps involved to check your PS wrap-up?

The steps needed to follow are simple and mentioned below for your reference.

  • Log in to the PlayStation Wrap-Up website.
  • Now just sign in with your PS email address and password.
  • Get to know your total hours, games played, etc.

The PS Wrap-Up also gives you details and personalized information to remember your year.

You will get to see your total hours played, then head on to check your hours playing online and then the total number of days played locally and on VR.

After this, you will be able to see the number of games you have played in the year 2022, and you can view the five best games you played the most.

PlayStation Wrap-Up also helps you to know and keep track of the number of trophies you earned over the year. Finally, get to see the PlayStation Plus’s global and personalized statistics.

So isn’t this fun to know what you have played and won and how many games you played over 2022?

How long will the PS Wrap-Up last?

The PlayStation Wrap-Up has gone live from the 13th of December and reported that it will be available for a month meaning till the 13th of January.

So the gamers can now enjoy and play more games to get the total added reports until it ends on the 13th of January.

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