Writing a Fantasy Novel for the First Time? Follow These 11 Tips

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fantasy illustrator
fantasy illustrator

The fantasy genre is considered one of the most difficult genres to write about. As someone writing fantasy for the first time, you can find it difficult to use convincing language, build a thrilling world, and avoid too much detail.

The only way you can avoid such problems when writing a fantasy novel is by developing a plan. Keep reading to find eleven simple tips that will help you write fantasy like a pro – keep reading!

1.      Get Help from Professionals

Wasting a lot of your time trying to overcome your challenges is not the best option. If you want to save time and write a great novel without spending months, you need to get help from a professional whenever you hit a roadblock.

Getting guidance from established writers and publication professionals will allow you to write a fantasy novel that people love to read.

The simplest way of finding professionals is by checking online portals. For example, if you want a cover for your novel, you can connect with a fantasy illustrator online to save time and effort.

2.      Spend More Time Reading

Before you write a single word, you need to find out the elements that make a fantasy novel interesting for readers. The simplest way to identify the common themes in famous fantasy is by reading some best-selling fantasy novels.

It’s also a good option to read some of the underrated “cult classic” fantasy to get an idea of what an avid fantasy reader finds good. The three great works of fantasy commonly regarded as underrated are:

  • ●        Adrift – Rob Boffard
  • ●        The Lazarus – Marlow Locker
  • ●        Guns of the Dawn – Adrian Tchaikovsky

You don’t need to buy any books whether you’re going to read overrated or underrated fantasy. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider borrowing books from a physical or digital library. You can also ask your friends and family if they have any fantasy novels or short stories collecting dust in their homes.

When reading a book, make sure you turn your phone off and avoid blasting music loud in your room so you can focus on the contents of the book without getting distracted. Keep a water bottle handy so you don’t forget about hydration when getting absorbed in a book (wink).

3.      Identify Your Unique Voice

Readers will only love your work if you don’t try impersonating a writer they already love. You need to engage your readers with your unique writer’s voice so your work is praised and you win a special place in the hearts of your readers.

It’s not difficult to find your writer’s voice. You can try rewriting some chapters from your favorite fantasy novel in your own words. Doing so will help you understand your natural tendency to reshape phrases.

4.      Enroll in a Writing Course

The practice mentioned above might not help you identify your writer’s voice if you are new to writing fantasy or don’t believe in your writing skills. You should consider enrolling in a writing course to simplify the process of identifying your writer’s voice and improve your overall writing.

Following the writing advice from your mentor and doing writing activities with your peers will help you improve your writing and boost your confidence.

Finding in-person writing classes to get instant feedback and grow your network is better. But if you cannot enroll in an in-person course, you should take an online one instead.

5.      Develop a Writing Routine

You won’t be able to achieve your writing goals if you don’t have a strict writing routine. Contrary to what many writers think, you cannot concentrate your thoughts on one topic if you don’t allocate some time for writing every day.

Make sure you develop a writing routine and stick to it. Doing so will speed up your writing process and help you improve your focus.

6.      Strengthen Your Plot

The people who read your fantasy novel will remember it only if you develop a strong plot. This is why you need to pay special attention to the plot and ensure it has no flaws. You should consider discussing your plot with a mentor or a skilled writer to develop a plot that captivates readers.

7.      Create Strong Characters

The process that allows your characters to change over the course of the novel will ensure that your readers enjoy your work. This is why you should think properly about your characters and the rules you are going to assign them. 

Developing strong characters in your fantasy novel can be your biggest challenge as a writer. If you find it hard to create characters, you should consider referring to some of the famous fantasy works to understand how strong characters are created in writing.

8.      Develop an Outline

Creating an outline is the best way to lay out all your thoughts about your fantasy novel at one place and draw a rough sketch of how the story will go. When developing an outline, you don’t have to stress on including all the details. It’s better to be lenient and add new things to the outline as they come to your mind.

9.      Avoid Using Jargon

Showing off how many difficult words you know isn’t the best thing to do when writing a fantasy novel. You need to stick with simple words to ensure you don’t confuse your readers. Read a digital thesaurus to find simpler alternatives to difficult words.

10. Finish Your First Draft

You don’t need to spend months thinking about what you should write. It’s better to let your creativity flow according to the outline and complete your first draft as soon as possible. Getting done with your first draft will help you stay motivated and ensure you have plenty of time to fix your mistakes.

11. Grow Your Network

Networking is an amazing way of getting writing advice and promoting your fantasy novel to the right audience. The more professionals you have in your network, the easier it will be for you to stay updated about the changing preferences of readers too.

Contrary to what many writers think, you don’t need to spend a lot of time daily to grow your network. You can rely on digital channels to find professional writers, proofreaders, and publication experts.

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