Www Anambraministryofeducation Com (2022) Recruitment!

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Anambraministryofeducation Com

Anambraministryofeducation Com: There is a state in Southeastern Nigeria, Anambra. Its name is an English version of the original ‘Oma Mbala,’ the name of the Ambara river.

Anambra Education provides both teachers and students with ICT and long-lasting expertise, which is essential to meet the global competition and make sure that they are among the top three states with the lowest literacy rates.

About Anambraministryofeducation Com

They repeat it to take the initiative of instituting history in the school curriculum in the state; because of it, the ministry of primary Education inaugurated two-day training for the newly introduced history curriculum teachers in Awak.

Njideka Okoye, the school head’s staff reporter, said that primary school teacher junior secondary school teachers over the state participated in the training.

Www Anambraministryofeducation Com
Www Anambraministryofeducation Com

Announcing the start of the workshop, Professor Kate Omenugha describes the importance of history to society.

Professor Kate, with Mr. Nwabueze, the ministry’s permanent secretary, and Willie Obiano, the commanded governor, give the permission for teacher’s training effects teaching of history in schools. The teachers to show some interest in the training.

Chief Okoye has announced to provide scholarships to 60 senior and junior secondary school students.

Anambra ministry of Education Teachers Recruitment-

They are inviting some qualified and eligible Nigerians for the number of the state ministry of Education primary and secondary school teachers. Nigerians, especially the residents of Anambra, can send their applications through the portal.

How to send an application for recruitment?

It is effortless to send the application by which has to follow some steps that are given below-

  1. To send the application Anambra state government has established an official portal that is Www.anambraministryofeducation.com/recruitment
  2. In this portal, the interested candidate can see some other information related to recruitment.
  3. Interested candidate can submit their application through a Google form.
  4. From it, the interested candidate can visit the official website of the Anambra Ministry of Education.

How to fill the form through the official website of the Anambra Ministry of Education?

It is effortless to fill out the form for this, and the candidate has to follow some instructions that are given below-

  • Go to the official website of Anambra education, which is Www.anambraministryofeducation/recruitment.
  • On this website, you see the link. As soon as you press on the link, your form will open.
  • In This form, the candidate must fill in the email address, first name, middle name, surname, date of birth, mobile number, gender, and other necessary information.
  • After filling the phone, press the next option.
  • After it, the candidate must select the qualifications and in which subject they are applying.
  • Then, after uploading some certificates and educational qualifications, passport size photographs.
  • Check all the information mentioned by the candidate. After it, click on the submit button, and as soon as you press the submit button, your form will submit.
  • After some time, the candidate will receive a message on the phone number or email id.

Necessary documents-

To fill the form, the candidate required some essential documents like-

  • A passport size photograph.
  • Email id and phone number.
  • Some necessary certificates and mark sheets.

Recruitment criteria-

Some conditions to filling the form-

  1. The candidate must have their educational certificate in b—SC, HND, NCE, OND, etc.
  2. The candidate must have completed 18 years or more.
  3. They should entitle to Nigerian citizenship.
  4. The candidate must have mastery of reading and writing skills.

List of present vacancies-

The Anambra state teachers require some primary and secondary school teachers in the different subjects. Some subject areas are-

English language, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, food and nutrition, clothing and textile, applied electricity, auto mechanism, technical drawing, history, geography, CRC accounting, government, ICT, home management, etc.

Other certificates-

If the candidate has some credentials below, they can add this certificate to your form. Some certificates are- 

NCE, ND, HND, bachelor’s degree, PGDE, master’s degree, Ph.D., NYSC certificate, etc.


The ministry of Anambra education is very particular about the learning requirements and the children’s future.

To make a solid respective and skilled faculty for the students and has the mission to make the Education be top in terms of best practice and the executive governor of the Anambra state said that the present and future of the society is in the hand of the teacher, for this we want to make our teacher strengthen and empower.

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